Daily Soap Opera Spoilers Recap – Everything You Missed (February 24-28)

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It was a dramatic week on The Young and the RestlessDays of Our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful! Find out what you missed with your spoilers recap for February 24-28:

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Y&R Recap for February 24, 2020

Monday on Y&R, Adam was eyeing a return to Newman while Nikki wondered if Victor was doing the same. Also in that episode, Chelsea warned Abby; Sharon took control; and the Newmans unified for Victoria.

DOOL Recap for February 24, 2020

Gabi used a stunning revelation to her advantage on Monday’s episode of DOOL, and Maggie wrestled with unsettling memories. Also, Ben and Ciara were separated once again when he was escorted back to prison while Victor pressured Will not to expose Maggie.

GH Recap for February 24, 2020

There were a few new developments on GH on Monday. Michael enjoyed his morning; Monica enjoyed good news; and Jason was of comfort.

B&B Recap for February 24, 2020

Hope deliberately interrupted Thomas’ close moment with Zoe on Monday on B&B while Brooke made a deal with Ridge in regard to Thomas.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Y&R Recap for February 25, 2020

Tuesday on Y&R, Billy turned down Jill’s offer while Mariah asked Tessa if she was sleeping with Tanner. Also in that episode, Abby and Phyllis battled; Jill revealed a new business venture; and Phyllis received an intriguing offer.

DOOL Recap for February 25, 2020

Sarah and Eric were faced with a difficult decision on Tuesday’s episode of DOOL, and Maggie confronted Xander and Victor about the night of Adrienne’s demise. Also, Gabi made a last ditch effort to avoid prison, and Valerie and Julie urged Eli to work things out with Lani.

GH Recap for February 25, 2020

There were a few developments on Tuesday on GH. Nelle dug her heels in; Carly delivered a stern warning; and Sam unleashed on Julian.

B&B Recap for February 25, 2020

Flo and Wyatt planned how to help the terminally ill Sally on Tuesday on B&B. Also, Katie strived to save Sally’s job at Forrester Creations.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Y&R Recap for February 26, 2020

Wednesday on Y&R, Nick warned Victor about Adam while Billy cried at Victoria’s beside. Also, Kyle and Summer fantasized about each other at work; Adam’s motives were called into question; and Chelsea looked to the future.

DOOL Recap for February 26, 2020

Eli and Lani reunited on Wednesday’s episode of DOOL, and Maggie made a confession to Sonny. Also, Chad gloated to Gabi that she was fired from DiMera, and Justin was thrown when “Steve” showed up on his doorstep.

GH Recap for February 26, 2020

There were a few new developments for GH fans on Wednesday. Jordan brought Laura up to speed; Nikolas confided in Liz; and Joss received surprising information.

B&B Recap for February 26, 2020

Sally learned that Ridge would build on her designs for use in the couture line on Wednesday on B&B. Also, Wyatt shared an intimate moment with Flo prior to them making the ultimate sacrifice.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Y&R Recap for February 27, 2020

Thursday on Y&R, Billy was given a reality check by Nikki while Kevin helped to crack a code. In that episode, Devon also got his money back with a cryptic message, and Victoria woke up but didn’t want to see Billy.

DOOL Recap for February 27, 2020

Maggie offered a heartfelt apology to Justin during Thursday’s episode of DOOL while Ben prepared for his execution. Also, Stefano attacked Gabi, and Will had a big surprise for Sonny.

GH Recap for February 27, 2020

A few things happened Thursday on GH. Carly was alarmed; Alexis thought about what might have been; and Trina and Cameron headed out on their first date.

B&B Recap for February 27, 2020

Wyatt’s stunning admission and proposal took Sally off guard on Thursday on B&B while Katie shared a special moment with Flo in light of her selflessness.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Y&R Recap for February 28, 2020

Friday on Y&R, Jack shared some disturbing news while Victoria sought answers. Also, Abby gave Phyllis her shares of the hotel but revealed a new plan, and Chance enlisted Kevin’s services against Phyllis. Meanwhile, Nick lashed out at Victor.

DOOL Recap for February 28, 2020

Stefano told Justin he wanted Marlena in exchange for Kayla on DOOL on Friday while Ben said goodbye to Clyde before his execution began. Also, Rafe confronted Evan about his deceit, and Ciara received key information about Jordan’s killer.

GH Recap for February 28, 2020

There were a few developments on GH on Friday. Spinelli came through; Willow shocked Michael; and Sasha needed to do what is right for her.

B&B Recap for February 28, 2020

Bill surprised Katie by paying Flo a compliment on Friday’s episode of B&B. Also, Sally suspected Katie spilled her secret to Wyatt.

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