Cast of Modern Family: How Much Are They Worth Now?


Modern Family is enjoying an impressive run on ABC and has done a world of good for portraying the typical family woes with a lesson learned at the end of each episode in a comical fashion. The comedy format intrigued millions of fans, and critics alike, both having deemed the cast members to be award worthy. Now in its 7th season, we can agree that the popularity of the show has peaked, and plateaued, so there’s never been a better time to consider the cast…and how much cream they’ve scraped from the crop!

11. Reid Ewing

Estimated Net Worth: $2 million. Reid Ewing started his acting career in theater productions in South Florida, but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue Hollywood fame. He landed his first role in 2008 on the television movie Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! He then landed reoccurring roles in Zeke and Luther and Good Luck Charlie. Reid moved onto films in 2011 with a role in The Truth Below, followed by Fright Night, The Silent Thief, Crush, 10 Rules for Sleeping Around, South Dakota, Wingman Inc., and Mall. In the midst of his rising film success, Reid began steadily appearing on Modern Family as Haley’s boyfriend. He’s not in a leading role on the show, but has continuously made appearances throughout the 7 seasons. As a result of all this, Reid is estimated to be worth around $2 million.

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10. Rico Rodriguez

Estimated Net Worth: $7 million. Rico Rodriguez plays the lovable Manny on Modern Family. Unlike some of his peers on the show, Rico hasn’t been in the world of acting for too long, but has made some guest appearances on shows like ER, Nip/Tuck, Cory in the House, Til Death and NCIS. In addition to his acting, he also wrote a book in 2012 called Reel Life Lessons…So Far. He’s been well recognized for his role on the ABC sitcom as a co-winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 2011 and 2012. With his few guest appearances and leading role on Modern Family, Rico still tops in at an estimated net worth of $7 million.


9. Ariel Winter

Estimated Net Worth: $7 million. Ariel Winter started her acting career as a child in commercials and eventually moved onto films with a role in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, but she’s best known for her role as miss know-it-all Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. She’s lent her voice to Disney project Jake and the Never Land Pirates as Mariana the Mermaid, and acted in Opposite Day and Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega. She’s done well on the small screen landing a reoccurring role in the final episodes of ER. One thing many people don’t know about Ariel is that she’s a singer! However, her main income is from Modern Family making $70,000 per episode accumulating an estimated net worth of $7 million. Not too bad for a 17-year-old teenager!


8. Nolan Gould

Estimated Net Worth: $7 million. Nolan Gould is only 17-years-old, but he sure is raking in the dough! This child actor started out doing commercials at the ripe age of 3 and then quickly moved onto films like Space Buddies, Waiting Room, Hysteria, Friends with Benefits and Ghoul. He’s been focusing more on the small screen as of late with roles on America’s Most Wanted, Good Luck Chuck, Out of Jimmy’s Head, Eleventh Hour and the R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. He’s didn’t become a household name until he began his recurring role on Modern Family as the younger brother, Luke Dunphy, and he’s been pulling in $75,000 per episode ever since! He’s now estimated to be worth a total of $7 million.


7. Sarah Hyland

Estimated Net Worth: $9 million. Sarah Hyland has been in the role of the Haley Dunphy since the series premiered. As a result, she’s been collecting $70,000 per episode over the past 7 years. She’s an American actress and model, but most well known for her role on ABC’s family sitcom. Sarah’s no stranger to showbiz. When she was only in kindergarten she started her acting career as Howard Stern’s daughter in the film Private Parts. Since then she’s picked up a lot of different roles in films like The Object of My Affection, Cradle Will Rock, Joe Gould’s Secret, Spanglish, Cougars Inc. and as Molly in the television remake of Annie. She then moved over to the small screen for a guest starring role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and in a supporting role as Brooke Shield’s daughter on Lipstick Jungle. But her big break and most recognized role remains as the big sister on Modern Family which has gifted her with a total net worth of $9 million.

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6. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Estimated Net Worth: $16 million. Jesse Tyler Ferguson was a known entity in the world of entertainment before locking down his role of Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family. He was a star of the shorter-lived sitcom, The Class, and also enjoyed recurring roles on sitcoms like Ugly Betty. With the popularity stemming from his work as Mitchell, Jesse has enjoyed several appearances on other shows, in movies and as a celebrity guest on shows–heck, he has even functioned as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. At present, Jesse is one of several cast members fortunate enough to be paid a cool $190,000 per episode, and when considering everything he’s earned through his acting gigs, he owns an estimated net worth of $16 million. There’s plenty of leeway on the give or take, but this seems like an accurate, and impressive figure.

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5. Ty Burrell

Estimated Net Worth: $16 million-plus. Long before he scored the role of a lifetime as the character of Phil Dunphy, Ty Burrell was acting on television, and enjoying roles in big films such as Black Hawk Down, Dawn of the Dead and The Incredible Hulk. He was something of a physical presence, with a sharp look and brooding intelligence, who was intensely dramatic, yet able to find the humor in sticky situations. Fast forward several years, and through the short-lived sitcom, Back to You, in which Ty starred as Gary Crezyzewski, and that brings us to the Ty of Modern Family: the show that made Ty a household name, helped him score more work, and go on to an estimated net worth of $16 million, though we’re guessing Ty’s net worth to be considerably higher than this figure, from past projects and earnings.

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4. Julie Bowen

Estimated Net Worth: $16 million. Let us never forget Julie Bowen’s presence in Happy Gilmore. The Adam Sandler comedy served as Julie’s coming out party of sorts. After she shared the screen with Adam, Christopher McDonald and Carl Weathers, she never looked back, and has enjoyed acting job after acting job. Julie has also functioned as the face and spokesperson of various products and has lent her well known face and voice to commercial work. She proved her television worth early, playing the role of Carol Vessey on Ed, before going on to enjoy recurring roles on Lost, Weeds and serving as a star of Boston Legal. Julie’s net worth is another figure that is probably lacking early earning information. She is another member of the $190,000/episode club on Modern Family.

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3. Eric Stonestreet

Estimated Net Worth: $17 million. Eric Stonestreet is one of those guys… one of those guys who could be worth billions because he invented some “thing” that everyone uses at airports. Doesn’t he seem like one of those guys? Maybe he secretly is, but the information we’re privy to…? $190,000 per episode, and an estimated net worth of $17 million. Eric is another who has offered many years of dedication to his craft, and is reaping the benefits of a tireless work ethic. He also has one of the finest reputations in all of Hollywood for being a genuine, and approachable guy. Yep. Fans can go back to films like Almost Famous to see that Eric has been doing it well for nearly 20 years, which is why it’s not hard to believe that he has plenty tucked away, and a net worth approaching a cool $20 mil.

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2. Ed O’Neil

Estimated Net Worth: $45 million. Ed O’Neil is a television legend. He made good by breathing life into the incomparable character, Al Bundy, which set him up for life. There is no denying the acting talent of Ed, and the evidence can be seen as a long list of credits on his IMDb page. So many times, creators attempted to build shows around him because of his ability to bear such a load and so many times, those shows were short-lived, or failed to get off the ground. His roles in movies–too numerous to list–are highlighted by his cameo appearances as Glen, in Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2. He offers a perfect slice of “What the…?” to the accepted absurdity on screen. Ed is such a respected vet, he even warrants a bigger payday on Modern Family, commanding $200,000 per episode.

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1. Sofia Vergara

Estimated Net Worth: $100 million. Sofia Vergara is a gold mine. Put her in a project, and it seems to do pretty well. The 43-year-old former model, turned actress has been making money on top of money for nearly 25 years. Sofia’s rise to popularity in America came about 15 years after her rise to popularity in Colombia–and worldwide with the variety of photographers who hoped to work with her. Sofia has served as the face of several different companies in advertisements, in addition to working on several film and television productions for English and Spanish speaking networks. After scoring the role of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family, Sofia became the individual everyone wanted to work with. E.g. Jon Favreau made good on this trend by casting her as his wife in Chef. Lucky fella. As it stands, there is no glass ceiling for Sofia Vergara.


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