Bold And The Beautiful’s 5 Most Hated Couples


Fans get emotionally drawn into relationships on their favorite daytime drama, and The Bold and the Beautiful fans are no different. Couples get together and split, characters get married while others get divorced, and sometimes even cheating happens while others last through adversity. That’s what makes a successful soap opera. But there are some couplings in daytime dramas that should never happen. There are the ones that make fans cringe at the thought. Mismatched couples can really ruin a storyline especially when there is no on-screen chemistry, the couple is just boring, or the matching is so ridiculous that there is no reality left to it. Below are five of the most unpopular couplings of The Bold and the Beautiful. It makes you wonder what the writers were thinking.

5. Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer

Steffy and Liam have been an interesting couple since the beginning. Liam tends to just want to go with the flow and do his own thing, while Steffy is the polar opposite. Not only does she stick her nose in everyone’s business, but she does so against Liam’s expressed advice to avoid getting involved. She seems to thrive on conflict and as a result has hurt many people along the way with an emphasis on Ivy who she almost killed. This couple was nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.

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4. Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan

Bill and Brooke came together during a dark period in Brooke’s sister’s life when Katie left due to depression. After Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms, Bill and Brooke’s affection grew leading to a kiss. Katie then reappeared with the notion of saving her marriage. Now while Katie and Bill seem to be very happy and committed, Brooke has decided she can’t stop loving Bill. She kissed him and he’s been obsessing about it since. Will Brooke break up a happy marriage? Everyone has seen Brooke’s relationship record, and Bill has a real chance at happiness with Katie, but it could all be foiled by Brooke.


3. Zende Forrester Dominguez and Nicole Avant

Sweet Nicole isn’t so sweet after all. She has always given the impression that she is almost saintly in her actions especially when she’s around Zende. Little does he know, Nicole’s jealousy of his working relationship with Sasha has caused Nicole to sabotage Sasha’s modelling career. Zende, on the other hand, has been more than understanding with Nicole since the start of their relationship when Nicole decided to be a surrogate for her sister at the expense of their newly forming bond. It looks like this is another couple destined to split because of deceit, insecurity and lack of trust.


2. Wyatt Spencer and Ivy Forrester

Wyatt has to fight tooth and nail for everything and everyone in his life. He and Ivy came together as a result of Steffie trying to get Ivy out of her life completely. The relationship never really seemed to fit quite right though. Ivy is popular and seems to have everything as long as Steffie stays out of her way. Relationships fall into her lap and her head is turned quite easily leaving Wyatt out in the cold. Now her attentions are focused on Liam. Does Ivy really deserve to be with anyone? It seems her love is quite fleeting and her loyalties are divided.


1. Rick Forrester and Maya Avant

Rick and Maya have been a disaster since they met. They are self-centered people feigning interest in other people’s feelings, but never really showing anything concrete, not to mention lying and scheming. Rick is a philanderer and liar and Maya is a schemer. Neither of them apologize for any wrong-doings because they don’t even see it. Getting Nicole to surrogate for them while they had other options available to them, was their most selfish act of late. They knew Nicole couldn’t say no to such a request. This couple is definitely one of the least popular couples on a daytime drama.


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