7 Young And The Restless Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

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The battle between good and evil is a story that intrigues us all, and soap operas have really capitalized on this. To counteract all the good daytime drama heroes and heroines partake in, there are those soap opera villains and villainesses who look to destroy their lives. While The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has had plenty of dastardly characters grace Genoa City, unlike most soaps who have outrageous bad guys and gals, the Y&R has portrayed its villains in a more realistic perspective, for the most part at least. Regardless, below is a list of seven Y&R villains ranked from best to worst.

7. Michael Baldwin

Anyone new to the Y&R may be shaking their heads when it comes to Michael Baldwin being on a villains’ list, but the truth is when he first entered Genoa City, he was a real slime-ball. Some of his bad deeds in the early years included sexual harassment, kidnapping, attempted rape, and attempted murder. Michael also worked very hard to ruin the life and relationships of Christine Blair. Thankfully, he’s been able to evolve into a good guy and one of Genoa City’s finest citizens, but there was a time where this simply was not the case.

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6. Victor Newman

Victor is certainly a character Y&R fans love to hate yet respect too, all in the same breath. Sure, he’s done some pretty terrible things over the years, but understanding where he’s come from and his past has made him multi-faceted to fans. He’s got a controlling streak that’s for sure, but his tenderness towards his grandchildren and his overall love for his family has him hitting the lower point of this villains’ list. Victor can be a bad guy, but he’s also done some good over the years too.

Source: soapcentral.com