7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Belushi

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Jim Belushi is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, and for good reason. His career has spanned nearly four decades when he starred in some of the most popular comedic films and series. Despite his prominence in the entertainment industry, Belushi has been very skilled at laying low and staying out of the spotlight, only offering fans small glimpses into his life off-camera. Get to know the talented actor better with these 7 things you didn’t know about Jim Belushi!

7. Early Life

James Adam “Jim” Belushi was born on June 15, 1954 in Chicago to parents, Adam Anastos Belushi and Agnes Demetri Samaras Belushi. Jim along with his three siblings, John, Marian and Billy, were raised in Wheaton, Chicago, making Belushi a passionate lifelong Chicago sports fan. He quickly gained an interest in performing and after graduating from Wheaton Central High School, he attended the College of DuPage and then graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a degree in Speech and Theater Arts.

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6. The Book

Aside from being a hilarious and talented TV and film actor, it turns out Jim Belushi can write too! In 2006 he released his first book, “Real Men Don’t Apologize,” opening up about his life, career and his late famous brother John Belushi. Naturally, the book’s title came under fire, but Belushi explained, “This is a book about men, but not because I think men are better than women. Quite the opposite. Men are woefully outmatched by women. All men have to offer is our competitive instincts and whether or not we can lift something heavy. Women are nurturers, they literally carry life in them, they are community leaders, and they are intuitive, grounded, powerful, smart, verbal, complex and beautiful. It’s tough to keep up with that. Both of my previous marriages ended because I wasn’t man enough for my wives.”

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5. Early Career

Belushi often talked about growing up in his brother’s shadow which only got worse as they grew up to have individual careers in the entertainment industry. While getting his on-screen career started, Jim Belushi was actually offered a role on a TV sitcom adaptation of the hit 1978 film Animal House which starred his older brother John Belushi. Because of the connection to his brother and his role, Jim Belushi turned the offer down.

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4. Neighbour Lawsuit

Jim Belushi always seems like a joke-cracking, cordial guy in all of his roles but one of his former neighbors didn’t think so. Back in 2004, Belushi’s neighbor Julie Newmar filed a $4 million lawsuit against the actor for accusing her of using harassment and defamation to “force him” out of his home in Brentwood, California. A newspaper article about the incident quoted a third neighbor as saying “she’s weird” of Julie Newmar and he’s “a bully” of Jim Belushi. In 2006, the two came to a private out-of-court settlement and even became friends! Later that year, Newmar guest-starred on Belushi’s hit series According to Jim, playing a neighbour who annoys Belushi’s character, Jim.

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3. Losing His Brother

On March 5, 1982, Jim Belushi’s celebrity brother John Belushi died at only 33 years old from a combined drug intoxication. In his book, Jim Belushi really opened up for the first time about struggling with his brother’s death. “At that moment not only did I lose a brother, I became the head of the family, but I had no idea how to lead my family in the public spotlight. The media was capitalizing on my brother’s death. My family and life were falling apart, and I couldn’t stop the downward spiral. I made one bad decision after another […] So I found myself in my late thirties with two failed marriages, a son I barely knew and a career circling the drain. My confidence was shot, my self-esteem was at an all-time low and just to f–k with me even more, God started thinning my hair.”

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2. Personal Life

As he mentioned in his book, Belushi’s life away from the spotlight hasn’t exactly been smooth going. In May of 1980, the actor married his first wife Sandra Davenport with whom he shares his son Robert James. After eight years together he and Davenport split, and two years later he married actress Marjorie Bransfield, but the marriage only lasted two years before they divorced. In early May 1998, Belushi married for the third time to Jennifer Sloan with whom he shares daughter Jamison Bess and son Jared James.

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1. Net Worth

Despite saying he spent much of his career trying to stay out of his brother’s shadow, it is definitely safe to say Jim Belushi found success and a fan base all his own. His very first 0n-screen role came in 1978’s The Fury, and he went on to have numerous starring roles in hit films and series, and has also offered his recognizable voice to many popular animated series. All together, Belushi has done very well for himself with over 150 acting credits to his name and an estimated net worth of an incredible $25 million!

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