15 Soap Opera Couples Fans Don’t Want To See Get Back Together

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There is nothing like daytime romances! Soap operas have produced some of the most iconic television couples in history. Duos like General Hospital’s (GH) Luke and Laura, Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Kayla and Steve Johnson, and the Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Cricket Blair and Danny Romalotti are just a few couples that have steamed up daytime TVs in the past. While there are relationships soap opera fans love to watch, there are other couples that audiences don’t like to see together. Below are 15 soap opera couples that fans don’t want to see get back together.

15. Days’ Gabi Hernandez and Chad DiMera

While there is a fan base that loves seeing Chabi as a couple, there’s an even bigger DOOL audience that likes seeing Chad with Abigail Deveraux. Their love triangle divided Days’ fans into two groups last year: Team Chabi and Team Chabby. Seems like Chabby won, as Abby and Chad are married right now, but how long does happiness last in a relationship on soap operas? If they do break up, there are many fans that hope Chad doesn’t reach out to Gabi.

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14. GH’s Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan

The two Jasons storyline has been fascinating to watch unfold as of late on GH. The good news is that Steve Burton is back on the show and the real Jason has returned to Port Charles. The bad news is that both of his longtime loves, Sam McCall and Liz Webber, are preoccupied with other men in their lives. While a JaSam reunion seems inevitable, there are many GH fans out there that hope Jason doesn’t ever get back together with Liz. Too many lies ruined that relationship years ago.

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13. Y&R’s Hilary Curtis and Devon Hamilton

It’s official! It seems like Hilary and Devon are going to try and make a baby together; however, Hamilton made it crystal clear that he doesn’t want to get back together with her as their relationship was a disaster. We will see how long that lasts, but in the meantime, this is good news for a big portion of Y&R fans who don’t want to see this couple reunite.

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12. Days’ Claire Brady and Theo Carver

Theo is currently in South Africa getting rehab treatment and thus the pairing of Claire and Theo has dissolved. Many DOOL fans didn’t like these two together from the get-go. Claire is nothing but a spoiled and manipulative brat, while Theo has always been a decent guy. Should Theo return, which he should at some point, here’s hoping these two don’t get back together.

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11. GH’s Sam McCall and Jason Morgan

As mentioned before, it’s only a matter of time before Jason and Sam reunite. While there are GH viewers that want to see this happen, there are many that don’t. The two have had a roller coaster of a relationship over the years and while they do share a unique love, Sam and Drew also have something very special. In fact, Drew has been able to give Sam the love and stability she’s yearned for all her life.

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10. Y&R’s Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott

Billy and Victoria have broken up and gotten back together so much over the years, many Y&R fans have lost count. There is a tremendous amount of chemistry between these two lovebirds; however, every time they get back together, their relationship ends in disaster. They should just stick to co-parenting moving forward.

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9. Days’ Paul Narita and Sonny Kiriakis

Sonny and Paul were so close to saying their ‘I do’s’ before Will Horton came back from the dead and ruined everything for this super couple. Now, not only does Sonny have his eye on Will, Paul does as well. Most DOOL fans agree that, while Paul and Sonny were great together, there is something about Paul and Will that create fireworks. Most Days’ viewers would like to see Will and Paul try at a relationship before a Paul/Sonny reunion.

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8. GH’s Carly Corinthos and Franco Baldwin

These two are currently committed to others in Port Charles and here’s hoping it stays that way. While on paper the idea of Carly and Franco made sense, in reality, the twosome was horrible together. The couple lacked chemistry and were never a good fit. Here’s hoping GH writers never think about bringing this couple back together.

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7. Y&R’s Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott

If Jack Abbott ever decides to let Nikki Newman back into his heart, someone in his family should slap some sense into him. Every time he lets his guard down with this woman, she ends up breaking up with him for Victor. Will Jack ever learn? Will Nikki? It’s been over two decades of the same shenanigans with these two. Here’s hoping they have both moved on for good.

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6. Days’ Will and Sonny

Affectionately referred to WilSon by fans, this same-sex couple shattered milestones on DOOL and became the first male-male super couple on the show to hook up and tie the knot. While fans do love seeing WilSon together, they certainly don’t want to see them reunite anytime soon. Will and Paul have a unique little thing happening right now and it’s time to give these two guys a chance. Many DOOL fans want to see more romance between Paul and Will for the time being.

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5. GH’s Nelle Benson and Michael Corinthos

Many GH fans breathed a sigh of relief when these two broke up, which was short-lived when Nelle announced her pregnancy. She’s a schemer that is a tad mentally unstable and looking to ruin his mother. Good guy Michael is trying his best to smooth things over between Carly and Nelle and be a good dad along the way too, but here’s hoping he doesn’t fall for Nelle’s manipulation by getting back together with her.

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4. Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman

Nick and Phyllis made a pretty hot couple back in the day, but sadly, lies and manipulation caused multiple breakups over the years. As such, many Y&R fans would love to see Nick with a good woman, who treats him right, especially after his recent breakup with Chelsea Lawson. Newman simply deserves better.

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3. Y&R’s Sharon McAvoy and Nick Newman

Speaking of Nick, it does seem like a Shick reunion is on the horizon and there are many longtime Y&R fans who would love to see this happen. Still, there are also many who don’t want to see these two as a couple again. When on good terms, Nick and Sharon make great friends and co-parent their children well. Unfortunately, lies have always haunted these two in the long run. There are Y&R viewers out there that simply think these two should stay away from a romantic relationship.

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2. Days’ Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez

The Rope relationship and wedding is off thanks to a one-night stand Rafe had with Sami Brady in late 2017. While the two were on a break when he had the affair, Rafe and Salem’s teen squad all knew about the infidelity, with Hope being the last to find out. This was devasting for Hope and Rafe, but many DOOL fans were happy to see the couple end. Can anyone top Bo when it comes to being with Hope? Maybe not…

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1. GH’s Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome

Dubbed Julexis by GH fans at one point in time, these two were the hottest super couple on the show. That went downhill shortly after their wedding in 2016 when Julian tried to kill Alexis. Talk about the honeymoon period being over! Yes, there is still love between these two and there is also tons of chemistry, but in the long run, Julian and Alexis need to find fresh faces and new relationships to dive into moving forward.

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