Soap Opera Couples Fans Don’t Want To See Get Back Together

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There is nothing like daytime romances! Soap operas have produced some of the most iconic television couples in history. Duos like General Hospital’s (GH) Luke and Laura, Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Kayla and Steve Johnson, and the Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Cricket Blair and Danny Romalotti are just a few couples that have steamed up daytime TVs in the past. While there are relationships soap opera fans love to watch, there are other couples that audiences don’t like to see together. Below are 15 soap opera couples that fans don’t want to see get back together.

15. Days’ Gabi and Eli

Gabi Hernandez and Eli Grant have had quite a romantic history together. While their first relationship lacked luster, their second try was incredibly toxic. Most Days fans love seeing Elani as a couple, so the thought of Eli and Gabi reuniting again (ever) is something many don’t want to see anytime soon.

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14. GH’s Liz Webber and Jason Morgan

There are two types of GH fans out there, and they can be described as either Team Liz or Team Sam, meaning there are those out there that would love to see Jason and Sam reunite and there are those that would love to see Jason turn to Liz. As such, Team Liz is a group that doesn’t want to see Jason reunite with Sam, and Team Sam is a group that doesn’t want to see Jason ever get back with Liz.

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13. Y&R’s Lola Rosales and Theo Vanderway

Theo has desperately tried to change for Lola, but she may need some time alone at this point. The two made cute flirty friends; however, things would not work between them in a bona fide relationship. They’re just too different, and Lola needs someone who has their act together a little more. Theo’s just too flakey.

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12. Days’ Claire Brady and Theo Carver

Theo Carver has long left Salem, but there’s always a chance he could return. While Claire Brady was devastated, many DOOL fans were happy about the exit because the two broke up due to the distance between them. Claire has changed significantly, but does that mean they could make a good couple in the future if he does ever come back? It’s hard to say, but most viewers would like to see him steer clear of Claire.

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11. GH’s Sam McCall and Jason Morgan

Refer to the above post! In all seriousness, JaSam is a very major super couple with GH’s history, but there are a bulk of fans out there that are over the obstacles and roller coaster ride that Jason and Sam continually go through. Some just wish they would end it already, and both characters could move on.

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10. Y&R’s Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott

How many times will Victoria and Billy break up and make up? It’s undeniable, the two have tremendous chemistry together, but they are also quite toxic when together. Besides, Victoria is too preoccupied with her career and caring what daddy Victor thinks to ever make things truly work with Billy again. They should stick to maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship for now.

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9. Days’ Abby and Ben

Speaking of Abby, remember when she and Ben Weston were a “thing”? This was during Ben’s darker days; however, now that he’s reformed, could this couple even stand a chance? It would be hard to make it happen on so many fronts. First off, their negative history together and how Weston truly triggered Abby’s mental health issues, and another reason is the fact that Abby’s super couple status with Chad is far too strong to sway fans at this point.

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8. GH’s Carly Corinthos and Franco Baldwin

Before Carly officially reunited with Sonny a few years back, she had a lackluster relationship with Franco Baldwin. Simply put, the two didn’t have chemistry together. In fact, GH fans found Franco annoying with her, and this couple did not make any sense together. They broke up after Carly cheated on him with Sonny, and viewers everywhere rejoiced!

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7. Y&R’s Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott

If Jack Abbott ever decides to let Nikki Newman back into his heart, someone in his family should slap some sense into him. Every time he lets his guard down with this woman, she ends up breaking up with him for Victor. Will Jack ever learn? Will Nikki? It’s been over two decades of the same shenanigans with these two. Here’s hoping they have both moved on for good.

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6. Days’ Sami Brady and Lucas Horton

Sami is still quite smitten with E.J. to make any reunion plans with Lucas. While these two continue to co-parent well and are pretty good friends, the strong romance and chemistry between them have faded over the years. E.J. played a major part in their break-up initially, and with him being alive, he essentially thwarts any idea around a reunion.

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5. GH’s Nelle Benson and Michael Corinthos

It’s never a good thing when your girlfriend/baby momma has a hate-on for your mom! Seriously speaking, Nelle is incredibly mentally unstable, and while she was able to pull the wool over Michael’s eyes for a small amount of time, every GH fan is thankful that he finally sees her for what she is. It’s highly doubtful these two will ever reunite, and fans certainly don’t want to see it.

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4. Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman

Phyllis and Nick make up and then break up, only to make up again. Just when you think these two are over, a spark will fly, and then they are back at it again. It’s almost tiresome, and both need to find a new relationship with an entirely new person (versus going back to an ex). Is it comfort, or ultimate attraction that they can’t shake? Hard to say.

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3. Y&R’s Sharon and Nick Newman

Fans of Shick may just want to shut their eyes before reading this one. Sure, there is a group of Y&R fans out there that adore Nick and Sharon together. The two were high school sweethearts that ended up getting married and building a family together. Which makes it no surprise that many would love to see them add another chapter in their love story. The sad reality is that Shick has a cycle: make up and break up, become friends, turn into lovers, make up, and break up (just like what he has with Phyllis). Therefore, it’s only natural for there to be a group of Shick haters out there who don’t want to see these two reunite. After all, it’ll only set them up for a disastrous breakup in the end.

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2. Days’ Justin Kiriakis and Kayla Brady

Raise your hand if you were more than taken aback when it was revealed that these two were together during Days’ flash-forward storyline! Most fans love seeing Steve and Kayla together; however, in Johnson’s absence, Justin did step things up, and the two made a cute couple, even though the idea of them together seemed awkward. Regardless, if Steve were ever to go missing again, then fans might be swayed into a Kay and Justin coupling, but Patch and Sweetness make a way better duo.

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1. GH’s Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos

This might be a little controversial, but the truth is, while some GH viewers would love to see Brenda return and blow Carly out of the water in Sonny’s world, many never want to see these two lovebirds reunite. They did have incredible chemistry together, yet also shared quite a toxic relationship at times.

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