Soap Opera Couples Fans Didn’t See Coming

Love is what makes the land of soap operas go around! Fans of daytime dramas love a solid romance storyline and we all have our favorite super couples. However, sometimes the best soap opera love stories are the unexpected ones. Below are 15 soap opera couples that fans didn’t see coming.

15. GH’s Anna Devane and Hamilton Finn

These two haven’t had a bona fide relationship, but sparks certainly did fly when General Hospital’s (GH) Anna and Finn got together to work on a case. This potential relationship is nowhere near being over, but who knew there would be so much chemistry between a super-spy agent and a clean-cut doctor?

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14. DOOL’s Chloe Lane and Lucas Horton

Chloe and Lucas do have a history on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), but their recent hook up came out of the blue. Chloe was looking to befriend Horton and help him through his recent alcohol addiction episode. As they say, good friends make the best lovers, and here’s hoping that Lucas and Chloe can make it work this time around.

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13. Y&R Victoria Newman and J.T. Hellstrom

J.T.’s return to Genoa City was explosive and it seems that his exit is just as crazy. All that aside, when Hellstrom returned to the Y&R it never seemed as if he and Vicky would reunite. In fact, many fans thought that something between him and her sister Abby might develop. The former husband and wife came together during a fight, which led to some friskiness, and Hellstrom would move in to her house. What’s happened since has been insane and while no one foresaw Vicky and J.T. becoming a couple again, Y&R audiences were equally as shocked when she ended up killing him recently.

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12. GH’s Sam McCall and Drew Cain

When the real Jason Morgan returned to Port Charles, many GH fans wondered what Sam would do. Most thought she would immediately run into Jason’s arms and try to rekindle their romance; others assumed she might take a break from both him and Drew to figure her feelings out. Therefore, it was unexpected when Sam made a snap decision to not only stay with Drew but marry him as quickly as she could.

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11. DOOL’s Kate and Andre DiMera

Their holy union last year was really a business agreement to help save DiMera Enterprises, and there was absolutely no love or attraction between Kate and Andre. As time wore on Andre seemed to soften up to Kate and vice versa and romance sparked. It’s just too bad that Andre died before the two could really enjoy each other on a personal level, rather than business only.

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10. Y&R’s Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter

Raise your hand if you are a Y&R fan that was shocked to see Mariah and Tessa kiss months back? The two seemed like they were headed on a nice BFF journey when Mariah, and Tessa too, realized they had feelings for each other that were more than just mere friendship. They didn’t explore more of a relationship together, but the story around these bosom buddies did swerve Y&R viewers.

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9. GH’s Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin

Not exactly two peas in a pod, but this GH couple has lasted a lot longer than many fans would think. The very fact that these two moved in together and almost got married is mind-blowing. Opposites do attract in the world of soaps, but Franco and Liz have personalities that don’t mesh. Many GH fans never saw this couple coming and certainly didn’t think they’d be together as long as they have been.

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8. DOOL’s Adrienne Johnson and Lucas Horton

They aren’t together anymore, but Lucas and Adrienne hooking up on DOOL was something many fans didn’t expect. Not only did they couple up, but they also almost got married. Perhaps it’s their age difference or the fact that Adrienne isn’t the kind of girl Lucas usually dates, but they just didn’t seem right for each other from the get-go.

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7. Y&R’s Mariah Copeland and Devon Hamilton

This couple came together out of nowhere and lacked true chemistry from the start. It is no surprise that they didn’t last long, and Mariah seemed more smitten with BFF Tess than with Hamilton throughout their relationship anyway. Perhaps it was because she was a rebound for him after his break up with Hilary.

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6. GH’s Emily Quartermaine and Sonny Corinthos

While these two were an awful pairing, Emily and Sonny hooking up in the late 2000s seemed to come out of nowhere. Living in the small town of Port Charles together, they were both familiar with each other and had Jason in common; however, who thought these two would ever find a romance together? They did, and Sonny even left the mob briefly to impress Emily, but in the long run, they didn’t last.

5. DOOL’s Sami Brady and E.J. DiMera

Mortal rivals from the moment E.J. stepped into Salem, Sami had a hate-on for DiMera for a long while. She even tried to kill him at one point, so who knew Sami would eventually come around and call E.J. one of the loves of her life? They despised each other but always had chemistry together, which made E.J. and Sami one of Salem’s most popular super couples back in the day.

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4. Y&R’s Sabrina and Victor Newman

It’s not every day that your father dates your BFF, so the union of Sabrina and Victor became Victoria’s worst nightmare. The two fell in love, got married, and tried to start a family within months, which was rather quick, even for soap opera standards. They had a whirlwind romance … literally. Just as fast as they came together, their relationship ended when Sabrina died after a car crash.

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3. GH’s Ava Jerome and Griffin Munro

These two took their time to come together and Griffin has really helped to (try) and change Ava. While some fans love seeing these two together, others feel that Griffin could do so much better. However, they are an unusual pairing and while a romp in the sack makes sense for Ava and Griffin, who knew they’d turn into the bona fide couple they’ve become?

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2. Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Billy Abbott

While fans could see their affair coming from a mile away, their recent coupledom is a little shocking to say the least. Philly seems like a pairing that is perfect for the bedroom, and not so much when it comes to domestication. Regardless, while many thought that Billy would continue to pursue his ex Victoria, last year he decided to choose Phyllis and the two are officially shacked up.

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1. DOOL’s Eve Donovan and Brady Black

What was originally a plot to destroy Eve, has now turned into love. Grandad Victor Kirikias and Brady worked hard to convince Eve to let her guard down in order to gain corporate control of the family business. Little did Brady realize that trying to seduce Eve would result in love. It’s been a crazy storyline that many DOOL fans simply didn’t see coming.

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