12 Most Fame Hungry Bachelor/Bachelorette Stars


It can’t really come as a surprise to anyone that some of the contestants that appear on the Bachelor franchise are just out for their 15 minutes! And…well, for some of them, it works! This list takes a look back at those Bachelor and Bachelorette stars that successfully or unsuccessfully used their time on the show to create a career in show biz!

12. Chris Soules

“Prince Farming” seemed like a dream come true for Whitney Bischoff when she was chosen at the end of The Bachelor season 19 as his fiancé, but it didn’t take long for Mr. Soules of Iowa to quickly board the celebrity-bandwagon and sign up for his next reality show. Chris appeared on Dancing with the Stars with Whitey Carson, and the relationship extinguished the sparks of romance with Bischoff and ignited the fires of jealousy! Soules and Bischoff ended their engagement and Chris began a briefly-lived relationship with Carson. Luckily for Bischoff karma had its way and Carson ended the relationship due to the Bachelor babe’s fame-hungry appetites. Chris has since appeared on various Bachelor episodes to share his wisdom and opinions, and has also been a contestant on Worst Cooks in America. This year, he appeared in the TV Movie The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love. Yep…keep those reality TV parts coming!

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11. Sean Lowe

It was pretty clear from the beginning that Sean Lowe loved the spotlight! After appearing on the 8th season of The Bachelorette and coming third, Sean was a fan favorite and scored the gig as the next bachelor on season 17 where he found love with Catherine Giudici! From there it was onto fame-mongering with Sean and Catherine’s Wedding, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Family Feud, Celebrity Wife Swap, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 4, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Sean is even making the transition from reality TV to the big screen. He is currently filming the gritty-drama Bomb City about a group of punk revolutionaries in a conservative small town in Texas. Well see how well this Bachelor babe performs, but I’m not counting on any Oscars…  

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10. Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman had a successful career as an assistant district attorney, but eventually resigned from her post to pursue her Bachelor/Bachelorette ambitions. Andi became famous for walking away from Juan Pablo Galavis on the 18th season of The Bachelor, and fans loved her so much, she was selected as the next bachelorette in the 10th season. Dorfman earned $50,000 for her role on The Bachelorette, significantly less than other stars, but not bad for a few-month stint! Since then Andi has appeared on various Bachelor ventures including the TV movie The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love. She’s also set to release a tell-all book about all of her breakups and past relationships this Spring.

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9. Jake Pavelka

Jake Pavelka’s final selection of Vienna Girardi as his fiancé in the season finale of season 14 of The Bachelor should have been our first tip off that this dude was not all he seemed to be! In one of the ugliest showdowns in Bachelor history, Vienna confronted Jake for being a “fame whore” and a “liar.” She said that she expected a normal life after the show, but said that Pavelka was pursuing a career in Hollywood. And Jake didn’t exactly squander those accusations. He’s since appeared in additional reality shows like Bachelor Pad, Dancing with the Stars, Famous Food, Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, and in scripted series like Drop Dead Diva, Party Girl Plus One, and the soap-drama The Bold and the Beautiful. Unfortunately, his last gig was in 2014 and he has since seemed to drop off the face of the planet. Maybe he went back to his day job as a pilot rather than sticking with the brutal actor that plays a pilot on TV thing.

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8. Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo has a history in the biz that pre-dates his BachelorBachelorette days. After Galavis left his soccer career behind be began working in the entertainment industry. He was involved with promotional work on the Miami club scene and started working with the Venezuelan duet, Chino y Nacho. He also filmed several television commercials and appeared as a presenter on the Miami-based spots show Mega News. It was then that he entered the Bachelor franchise and went onto becoming the most hated bachelor of all-time! He and his chosen partner (but not fiancé), Nikki Ferrell, went onto appear on the reality series Couples Therapy before finally calling their relationship quits. While Juan Pablo may not have received the fame he craved, he certainly achieved notoriety!

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7. Britt Nilsson

Britt Nilsson was the super-babe of season 19 of The Bachelor and she had no problem stealing the affections of “Prince Farming” himself, Chris Soules. A source revealed to Life & Style magazine that her chemistry with Chris was feigned and that Britt was “…excited to be on the show, but she said she had her eyes on becoming the next Bachelorette.” And Britt did eventually say adieu only to be quickly scooped up for the next Bachelor franchise experiment, the battle of the bachelorettes! Unfortunately, Britt’s aspirations fell short and she was voted off the island while Kaitlyn Bristowe went on to be the reigning bachelorette contestant. The source also dished, “Britt moved to Hollywood to become an actress. She wants to be famous — and she knew this was her ticket.” But either the source or Britt were wrong, and Nilsson hasn’t done anything in Hollywood land since losing the role on The Bachelorette.

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6. Vienna Girardi

Vienna has certainly found herself a home with the Bachelor franchise and on the reality TV circuit. She got her start when the Wings of Love pilot Jake Pavelka selected her to be his future bride. Unfortunately, the honeymoon was over before it began and in a heated televised argument, Vienna accused Jake of being a “fame whore.” Well, it takes one to know one, and Vienna jumped right onto the next Bachelor enterprise, Bachelor Pad. There, she hooked up with Kasey Kahl, who’s a whole other story, but the couple also appeared together on Couples Therapy where Vienna accused Kasey of being abusive. And while Vienna hasn’t been up to too much else, she did appear in the TV movie Family Physician.

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5. Wes Hayden

Wes Hayden angered fans beyond belief when he appeared on The Bachelorette in season 5 in order to promote his non-existent music career. When he tried to woo Jillian with a serenade, his intentions became quite transparent. And to make matters worse, he did it all while he had a girlfriend. I guess she really stood behind his career! Hayden went on to appear on Bachelor Pad and has released 3 albums to date. Still waiting to hear about him at the Grammys though!

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4. Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris was one of the most endearing stars of The Bachelorette, but her time with the franchise may have all been part of a bigger plan to achieve fame. After appearing on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, Harris moved into a celebrity-version of her former self with television gigs as an interior decorator. Harris has been on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, hosted Canada’s Handyman Challenge, and currently appears on Love It or List It Vancouver known by its American fans as Love It or List It Too. Jillian has also been able to leverage her fame to launch her own line of interior décor goods, and e-vintage webstore.

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3. Melissa Rycroft

No one could forget back in 2009 when Melissa Rycroft was chosen and then quickly dumped by bachelor Jason Mesnick. But Rycroft may have made out just as she planned in the end anyhow! Since her time on the show, Rycroft has been all over the small screen on shows like Bachelor Pad, The Price is Right, Dancing with the Stars, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and FabLife. In 2012 she was even given her own series Melissa & Tye, which ran for 8 episodes. This year she’s serving as a co-host on Redneck Island. Guess her initial burn by Mesnick wasn’t really so bad!


2. Justin Rego

Who would have thought that a guy trying to launch a wrestling career would see The Bachelorette as a platform for doing so? Slightly different demographic I’d say, but I suppose exposure…and notoriety…can be beneficial. “R-Rated” Rego made no attempt to hide his intentions once the beans were spilled that he actually had a girlfriend back home in Toronto. This obviously floored bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, but luckily for her karma has kept Justin in his place. The only thing noteworthy he’s done since The Bachelorette was Bachelor Pad. Oh, and in 2010 he played Lynzey’s lover on the television series Body Language.

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1. Ali Fedotowsky

After becoming a fan favorite on The Bachelor: The Wings of Love Ali Fedotowsky was announced as the star of The Bachelorette. And while she thought she had found the man of her dreams, it turns out she stumbled upon a lucrative career in television! After her time on The Bachelor, Ali was everywhere, making guest appearances on everything from Big Morning Buzz Live with Nick Lachey, The 2012 Miss USA Pageant, and Rachel Ray. And after she was the bachelorette, she exploded. She landed red carpet correspondent gigs with Live from E! which led to a regular spot as host on E! News. She’s even appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and was in the TV movie The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love. Ali also had a minor role in the Oscar winning film Blue Jasmine.


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