Bachelor 2020 Madison Prewett: Things To Know + Final 2 Spoilers

Madison Prewett's Instagram

Season 24 of The Bachelor just started a few weeks ago and fans are already rooting for certain contestants. One contestant that is already a fan favorite is Madison Prewett. She’s beautiful, smart and already seems to have a connection with Peter! Fans are dying to know more Prewett, so here are 9 things you need to know about her, as well as far she makes it on the show (spoiler alert for those who don’t want to know!):

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9. She’s from Alabama

Madison was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama and attended the local college in town, Auburn University, which is where she studied communications and played on the school’s basketball team. Fun fact: Her dad was her coach!

8. She Was on The Price Is Right

During a trip to Los Angeles with her mother in 2018, Madison appeared on The Price Is Right. Prewett played the game “Put it in the bag.” She could have won up to $16,000, but after reaching $8,000, she decided to stop while she was still ahead.

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2018 you were too good!!!!!!

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7. She Competed as Miss Alabama Teen USA

In 2014, the Bachelor contestant competed in the Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant. According to People, she did not make it to the top 15. Afterward, she never competed in a pageant again.

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I love you daddy

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6. She’s a Foster Parent Recruiter

According to Madison’s ABC bio, she works as a foster parent recruiter. Her bio also states that her dream is to own an orphanage one day, and that she is looking for a man who wants children and who “will prioritize faith and family before everything else.”

5. She’s also a Photographer

Prewett works as a photographer on the side. She had a website, which has since been taken down, that showed off her skills. Some of her work included engagement and family photoshoots.

4. She Did Mission Work in Uganda

The former beauty pageant contestant went on a ministry trip to Uganda during the spring of 2018. She shared the news in a post on Instagram. “BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the opportunity to go to Uganda, Africa on missions during spring of next semester! This has been a God dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Blown away by God’s goodness and faithfulness!!!! I cannot wait to serve the families and children in Uganda and share the love of Jesus! I am selling this T-shirt “Be Fearless” to help raise money to fund my trip! If you are interested in buying a shirt it’s $25 the link is in my bio or DM me on Instagram!!!!!”

3. She May Have Made Herself a Fan Account

The day after Bachelor premiered, Madison was caught leaving a flattering comment about herself on one of her Instagram posts. On a picture from her first date with Peter, Madison used her personal account to leave the comment: “Beautiful date Madi. You are so genuine and real.” Fans pointed it out and she claimed that her sister had left the comment when she was using Madi’s account. Then one of her friends took the blame. “Oops! Thought I wrote that comment about being real & genuine from my account but was logged into Madi’s from when she got back from filming. Don’t hate me,” the friend wrote.

2. She Is Very Religious

Prewett’s faith is very important to her. Her Instagram posts frequently feature biblical quotes and in her ABC post she says that she is looking for someone who “shares the same religious values” as her and her family.

1. She’s One of Peter’s Final 2

According to Reality Steve, Madison is one of Peter’s final 2 and the other final contestant is Hannah Ann Sluss. Reality Steve alleges that during Madison’s hometown visit, her father does not give Peter permission to marry her, and in the finale, Peter does not get engaged to either Hannah Ann or Madison.

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Rooftop Vibes

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