Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers 2019: Colton Underwood’s Final 10 And Winner Revealed


Once Colton Underwood was eliminated from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, many fans already suspected he would be the next Bachelor and it didn’t take very long for ABC to confirm the news that Colton would indeed be the lead for season 23. Many know that a big focus of the former NFL player’s season will be on the fact he is still a virgin, and he has been very open and honest about wanting to find “the one.” As always, ahead of the January 7, 2019 premiere, Bachelor nation’s resident spoiler mogul Reality Steve has revealed all of the season’s spoilers right down to date locations and eliminations. Thanks to Reality Steve’s dedicated sleuth work we know which ladies make Colton’s final 10, final four and who eventually wins (of course there is always a chance Reality Steve is wrong)! With a huge group of 30 women vying for his love, we know you should focus your attention on these 10 ladies who seem to make the biggest impression on season 23’s Bachelor! Get a jump start on season 23 of The Bachelor and find out which girls to keep an eye on and who eventually wins Colton’s heart:

10. Demi Burnett

Colton Underwood’s season has a lot of traveling, and when he narrows it down to the final 10, they all head off to Nha Trang, Vietnam, and Demi is part of the 10 who goes jet-setting with the Bachelor! Demi is a 23-year-old Interior Designer from Red Oak, Texas who is a true country girl with a love for the outdoors and WWE, and also credits herself as an actress/model. According to Reality Steve, Colton’s season has an unusual amount of eliminations that don’t happen at the rose ceremony. Many women leave of their own accord and some Colton sends home in the middle of the episode, and this is what happened to Demi. After making it to Nha Trang as part of the final 10, Demi pays a visit to Colton’s room to talk to him but it seems her plan backfires because during this talk he decides she isn’t the one for him and sends her home right there.



9. Sydney Lotuaco

Demi isn’t the only who leaves in Vietnam however. Another non-rose ceremony elimination happens when Sydney Lotuaco eliminates herself because she just isn’t feeling strongly about Colton. According to Sydney’s bio on ABC, she is a 27-year-old from New York who is a professional dancer for an NBA team and was one of three women who got to meet Colton early during an episode of the Ellen show. Interestingly, Sydney says she has never had a boyfriend, and it seems she isn’t ready for Colton to be her first one!


8. Katie Morton

Despite Colton eliminating Demi, and Sydney eliminating herself, somehow Colton still has someone to eliminate when it comes to the rose ceremony in Vietnam and that unlucky girl is Katie Morton. Katie is a 26-year-old medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, California whose lifelong passion has been dancing. Although it seems Katie and Colton hit it off long enough for her to make it to the final 10, she doesn’t make it past episode six and is eliminated at the rose ceremony in Vietnam.


7. Hannah Brown

After three eliminations in Vietnam, the remaining seven women head to Denver, Colorado with Colton which is where his parents live, but Hannah Brown doesn’t make it any further. Reality Steve reports that Hannah Brown is one of three women who gets a 1-on-1 date in Denver in episode seven, but it clearly doesn’t go well as yet again Colton decided to not wait for the rose ceremony and eliminates Hannah B. while on the date. Hannah B. is a 23-year-old from Tuscaloosa, Alabama who works as an interior designer but most recently won the title of Miss Alabama USA 2018.


6. Heather Martin

With only six women remaining, things were looking good for Heather Martin during the 4-on-1 group date in Denver. Heather is a 22-year-old from Carlsbad, California who can relate to Colton because she admits she has never even been kissed. Despite things seemingly going well, Heather reportedly eliminates herself while on the group date in Denver because she realized how close she was to hometown dates and was not ready for Colton to meet her family.


5. Kirpa Sudick

The last woman in Colton’s top 10 to not make it any further when approaching the hometown dates was Kirpa Sudick. Kirpa is a 26-year-old dental hygienist from Whittier, California who works for her dad’s dentistry business. Kirpa is beautiful and well-rounded with hobbies that include hiking, reading, cooking and swimming according to her ABC bio, and is also a part-time model, but apparently, that isn’t enough to get Colton to want to go to her hometown. Reality Steve is unclear when exactly Kirpa gets eliminated but it must be during some sort of rose-ceremony in Denver right before he finalizes his final four.


4. Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Colton’s season of The Bachelor includes a higher than usual amount of beauty queens and Caelynn Miller-Keyes is one of them! The 23-year-old is from Charlotte, North Carolina and attended Virginia Commonwealth University and got her degree in broadcast journalism. In 2018 she was named Miss North Carolina and was the first runner-up at Miss USA! Caelynn comes from an impressive line of women however as her grandmother was the first woman head of the FBI in Los Angeles. An important storyline between Caelynn and Colton that Chris Harrison has been talking about is a very important conversation that the pair have when Caelynn opens up about being sexually assaulted on campus when she was in college. Although she made it to the hometown dates, it seems the connection ends there and Caelynn is eliminated right before the overnight dates in Portugal.


3. Tayshia Adams

The final three head to Portugal with Colton for the highly-anticipated overnight/fantasy suite dates and this is where things get really interesting in Colton’s season. Tayshia Adams is one of the final three who gets an overnight date with the “virgin Bachelor” and she is a 28-year-old phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California. There are no details about the overnight dates of course, but we know Colton does not choose Tayshia. Interestingly enough, Tayshia was married before but her ex-husband filed for divorce in October, 2017.


2. Hannah Godwin

In the end it all comes down to Tayshia, Hannah Godwin and one other woman! Hannah G. is a 23-year-old content creator/social media influencer from Birmingham, Alabama. While her business focus is on herself as a brand,  it seems she wanted to take some time to make Colton her “Instagram husband.” While Hannah G. almost becomes the one for Colton, it seems she leaves with her heart broken.


1. Cassie Randolph

Long before Colton’s season aired, Reality Steve confirmed that it is Cassie Randolph who wins Colton’s heart this season! The 23-year-old speech pathologist is from Huntington Beach, California and considers herself a “true Californian” with a love for the beach and surfing. Things get interesting in the final three because it seems Colton knows right away that Cassie is the one for him, and goes to Hannah G. to end their relationship before an overnight date can even happen because he knows he loves Cassie. Instead of a typical finale, Colton ends things by breaking it off with Hannah G. and Tayshia Adams during the overnight date episode. Reality Steve reports that things are even more dramatic because during his overnight date with Cassie, she tells Colton she does not want to be engaged because she is too young, and it isn’t something she wants right now, so according to Reality Steve, she left the show in the middle of the overnight date. After Cassie left the show, she went home, and Colton pursued her there and something was filmed where she lives. So, while Colton and Cassie are together they are definitely not engaged; they are just enjoying dating each other right now. Reality Steve added that the engagement issue will come up again during the After Show in March.


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