7 Bachelor Contestants Who Should Never Have Been Cast

Source: ABC/ Rick Rowell

Okay, okay…so maybe these contestants provided some of the best drama The Bachelor has seen in the thirteen years it has been on television. But if you were the Bachelor, you would have every right to question why the following women were picked for you. After all, The Bachelor strives to be taken at least somewhat seriously. Were the producers having a wee bit too much fun when they cast the following seven contestants? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

7. Madison Garton (Brad’s Second Season)

Not sure there was anything in Bachelor Brad Womack’s CV that indicated he was into vampires, but the producers seemed to think it was all right to include a woman who wore professionally made vampire fangs in the mix of women vying for his heart — or, in her case, eternal life. But while Brad did seem intrigued by her — he kept her around for nearly three weeks — the model took herself out of the running when she realized she couldn’t see herself being his “Texas housewife.”

Source: ABC/Rick Rowell

6. Girls Gone Wild (Chris’s Season)

Chris Soules seemed to have an excessive number of heavy-drinking contestants on his season, and while you can forgive someone for getting nervous and having a few too many glasses of wine, when someone can’t even stand up at the rose ceremony (Tara) or wall-twerks upside down on camera and then reportedly blacks out from drinking so much (Jordan), you have to question whether she is there for the right reasons.

Source: ABC

5. The Free Spirit (Juan Pablo’s Season)

Lucinda “Lucy” Aragon is famous as “the girl who loved to get naked,” and get naked she did — even walking a pooch down Santa Monica whilst totally in the buff as the rest of the women posed for photos with shelter dogs on a charity group date. It was pretty darn obvious to the rest of the women in the house — and even JP — that this model and hippie wasn’t there for the right reasons, so she was sent packing in week three.

Source: ABC

4. Stacey Elza (Matt’s Season)

Stacey Elza stuffed a pair of panties in British bachelor Matt Grant’s, pocket, and then promptly passed out on a bed prior to the first rose ceremony, way back on season 12. Hard to believe she didn’t get a rose.

Source: ABC

3. Rozlyn Papa (Jake’s Season)

Rozlyn was one of the front-runners on pilot Jake Pavelka’s season, until she was outed five days into taping for having an affair with a producer on the show. Host Chris Harrison pulled her aside before the second rose ceremony to tell her he knew what had happened and that the producer had been fired. He then made Rozlyn give back the rose she had received from an earlier group date and kicked her off the show. Um, yeah. Obviously Rozlyn wasn’t there for Jake.

Source: ABC

2. Tierra LiCausi (Sean’s Season)

This princess with the “sparkle” got herself into a lot of trouble because she couldn’t “control her eyebrow” — or at least that is how she tried to defend herself from accusations that she was being condescending toward the other women in the house. From flinging herself down a staircase to catching hypothermia, this girl’s attention-grabbing antics were for the record books. And somehow, unbelievably, they seemed to work on Sean, who kept her around for a shocking seven weeks. Thank goodness he finally came to his senses and let this drama queen go.

Source: ABC

1. Ashley S. (Chris’s Season)

No one quite knew what to make of “Onion Girl,” Ashley Salter, not even Chris Soules, who kept her around long enough that he must have seen something in her that intrigued him. Oddly spacey from the moment she exited the limo, with eyes that were just a little too big and a little too blank, Ashley got her nickname after talking about how people are like onions, and then getting famously excited by what she thought was an onion growing on a tree (it turned out to be a pomegranate). Then, on the zombie paintball group date, she made everyone think she must be on something with her extremely strange verbal outbursts and odd behavior (e.g. crawling on the ground to talk to a cat). Some people theorized she was actually an alien, and others thought she was an actress put on the show to boost ratings, but ABC has categorically denied the latter. To this day, this hairdresser from Brooklyn remains an enigma.

Source: ABC/ Rick Rowell

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