Bachelor’s 7 Most Annoying Contestants Ever

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This list was originally going to be titled, “The Top 7 Bachelor Villainesses,” but compared with The Bachelorette, where two-timing schmucks and sociopathic personality types are a dime a dozen, the crimes of the female contestants tend to be more of the “Doesn’t play well with others/Is too pretty/Too fake/Too confident/Doesn’t shower” variety. In other words, the women who are cast as villains often don’t really deserve the title in the same way that, say, Bentley Williams from Ashley’s season on The Bachelorette does. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be as annoying as fingernails on a chalkboard — which is why we have decided to go with The Top 7 Most Annoying Contestants Ever To Appear On The Bachelor. Who remembers these lovely ladies?

7. Ashley Iaconetti (Chris’s Season)

When this Kim Kardashian lookalike emerged from the limo, the resounding question was, “How could a girl who looks so high maintenance be interested in a farmer from a Podunk town in the-middle-of-nowhere Iowa?” With her perfectly made-up face and fake eyelashes that were in danger of falling off every time she cried, which was about every five minutes, Ashley I. certainly didn’t seem like someone who’d be at home riding tractors and mucking around in the fields all day. But she surprised everyone when she won a tractor driving competition on the first group date, so who knows? The fact that she was a virgin at 26 was something that she really liked talking about, which served to alienate her from the other girls — along with the fact that she threw a hissy fit when Jade got the “Cinderella” date with Chris, believing that she totally deserved to get it (since she did, after all, bear a striking resemblance to Jasmine, from Disney’s Aladdin). Chris let her go during a 2-on-1 in the desert, along with our #2, Kelsey Poe. Luckily for this wannabe princess, she was given a second chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise, which is currently airing. We wish her all the best.


6. Vienna Girardi (Jake’s Season)

In all truthfulness, the so-called “Man Eater” from season 14 didn’t really do anything horribly obnoxious on her season — she was just herself: a kind of ditzy, sort of tacky, immature 23-year-old from Florida whose personality rubbed the other women in the house the wrong way. Yes, she was definitely self-involved, but at least she wasn’t mean to anyone else. Still, cast as a villain she was, and the majority of Bachelor Nation couldn’t believe it when commercial pilot Jake Pavelka chose her over sweet-as-pie runner-up Tenley Molzahn in the end. But the real drama began after the season concluded, and Jake and our girl Vienna wound up being the first Bachelor couple to get their own Bachelor special, The Bachelor Breakup, a few months later, where the feelings of ill will between the two were so strong it made it hard to watch. Train. Wreck.

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5. Michelle Money (Brad’s Second Season)

The hairdresser mom from Salt Lake City, Utah, made a big impression on everyone, including the only man to have appeared as the Bachelor twice, “Bad” Brad Womack, who famously picked no one at the end of his first season, season 11. Now back for a second chance at love, Brad had instant chemistry with the sexy, bordering-on-creepy Michelle who made it clear from the start that she was no wallflower. With her bold opinions and “I’m not here to make friends” attitude, Michelle dominated Brad and the season with her antics, leading many to question if she was mentally stable. But unlike so many Bachelor contestants who take themselves too seriously, Michelle seemed to be enjoying her stint as the house villain and could actually be pretty funny. Sent home in week 7, Michelle got her second chance at love on 2014’s Bachelor in Paradise, where she hooked up with muscle-head sweetheart Cody Sattler from Andi’s season. Their genuine romance redeemed Michelle in the eyes of many a viewer who watched the show, and although the pair split up after six months, some reports claim they are back together.

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4. Trish Schneider (Jesse’s Season)

The girl wore a T-shirt that read “Gold Digger — Like a hooker…just smarter,” and not in some ironic, hipster way, even. Is there anything left to say?

3. Kelsey Poe (Chris’s Season)

By first appearances, this fresh-faced guidance counselor from Michigan seemed the picture of sophistication, from the intelligent way she spoke to her classy Michelle Obama-esque bob. And when she first told her tragic story to the camera — that her husband and the love-of-her-life, Sanderson Poe, had a fatal heart attack on the street a little over a year ago — viewers the world over thought they had found someone to really cheer for. But when Kelsey kept referring to how “amazing” her story was it all started to get a little weird. The strange, dispassionate way that she spoke about the incident left more than one person in the Bachelor house — and in the viewing audience — questioning her motives. Was she just using her story to get noticed? Everyone grieves differently, though, so who was Bachelor Nation to judge? But when she started saying increasingly condescending things about the other women and laughing uproariously at her own supposed wit, an uglier side to her was revealed. Then, when Ashley I. dared to tell Chris that some of the girls in the house felt Kelsey was “fake,” it got back to Kelsey and she went into full witch mode, explaining to the camera through a haughtier-than-thou hand demonstration that Ashley I. was far below her when it came to, presumably, ethics, intelligence, beauty and everything else that matters. Oh, Kelsey. We might’ve given you the benefit of the doubt, but even the obituary you wrote for your husband begins with the fact that you obtained a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas. Jeesh. Humble the girl ain’t.


2. Courtney Robertson (Ben’s Season)

This 28-year-old model and winner of winery owner Ben Flajnik’s season (season 16), made plenty of enemies in the house with her catty remarks and superior attitude — not to mention her illicit skinny dipping session with Ben. Ben and Courtney eventually broke up, and Courtney went on to join a growing list of past Bachelor contestants who have published books, penning the 2014 tell-all, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain. At least she owned it.

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1. Juan Pablo Galavis (Juan Pablo’s Season)

Granted, Juan Pablo was not a contestant on The Bachelor, he was the Bachelor, and he is very much a “he,” but this guy was none-the-less the most annoying person to appear on the show, ever, and totally deserves the #1 spot on this list. The Venezuelan soccer player dad made his season barely watchable with his complete lack of charm (all right, his accent was kind of sexy, but it stops there), and gigantic ego. By constantly going in for the kiss to avoid having to engage in anything resembling a real conversation, the guy quickly made history as the Bachelor to kiss the most women. He also annoyed the heck out of everyone by shutting down any woman who tried to talk to him by shushing her like a baby. “Eees OK,” became JP’s catchphrase, to be heard 1,067 times over the season (that is just a guesstimate but it can’t be far off), and fans everywhere rejoiced when Andi Dorfman finally called him out after their overnight date, telling him she wasn’t interested in him and that she was going to die if she heard “it’s okay” again. To which he said, “It’s fine.” AAAAAAAAGH! It doesn’t get more annoying than that, folks.

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