Bachelor Spoilers 2020: Reality Steve Reveals Peter’s Final 12


In mid-September it was finally revealed that Peter Weber aka Pilot Pete would be the lead for season 24 of The Bachelor. Almost immediately after the announcement, the 33 women cast to compete for his love were revealed, and thanks to Reality Steve‘s dedicated detective work, he already knows the final 12. Since production began on Peter’s season, Reality Steve has tracked every contestant, 1-on-1 date, rose ceremonies and more, and while there is no information on top four or winners just yet, he does have the final 12! See the women to keep your eye on when season 24 of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, January 6 on ABC.

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12. Natasha Parker

After the fourth rose ceremony, Reality Steve received exclusive footage of the women who were not eliminated returning to their hotel in Ohio, and 31-year-old Natasha Parker is one of the 12 who survived the elimination. She is from New York, New York and works in production for HBO/Cinemax!



11. Kelsey Weier

Reality Steve doesn’t have a lot of information on Kelsey Weier, but she is one who makes it to the top 12 at least. She is 28 and is from Des Moines, Iowa and was Miss Iowa in 2017. She attended cosmetology school, but currently, she is working as a professional clothier at Tom Ford. She also spent two years as a nanny before she went to cosmetology school, and also has a twin sister Kayla.



10. Lexi Buchanan

Lexi Buchanan is a 26-year-old from New York, New York. She graduated from Florida State University and is now a Marketing Coordinator at Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates. She quickly set her Instagram profile to private after being cast on the season, but it is known that she at least makes it to the top 12!



9. Victoria Paul

Victoria Paul is yet another pageant contestant that was cast on Peter’s season. The 27-year-old is from Alexandria, Louisana and competed in the past Miss USA where she placed in the top 15. When she isn’t competing in beauty pageants, she works as a nurse and part-time in dermatology. While not much is known about her so far, it has already been revealed there is major drama between Victoria P. and another beauty queen, Alayah, who seems to blame Victoria after she is eliminated in the third rose ceremony.



8. Shiann Lewis

Like many of the contestants, there isn’t a lot of information on 27-year-old Shiann Lewis yet. Aside from making it to the top 12, it is known that Shiann is an actress and model from Las Vegas, Nevada but works mostly as an administrative assistant.



7. Tammy Ly

Tammy Ly is a woman of many talents and it seems she is looking to add Bachelor winner to her resume! She is from Syracuse, NY, and while it appears as though she is a realtor, she also lists insurance, investor, marketing, bartender and actress on her Instagram profile. Some fans also found an old YouTube page of hers that she hasn’t posted on in over a year, but does feature some of her cover songs.



6. Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller is a 25-year-old medical sales rep from Virginia Beach, Virginia. While Reality Steve didn’t have much information on her when the casting news was released, her name has come up a lot as production on the season has begun. One of the most interesting things about her is that she used to date country singer Chase Rice, and Bachelor producers capitalize off this by sending Victoria F. and Peter on a 1-on-1 date to a Chase Rice concert in Ohio. Victoria ended up basically dragging Peter out of the concert, and Reality Steve says that “once they got off stage, Victoria was visibly upset talking to her producer with her arms crossed. Peter talked to Chase first. Then Victoria went to talk to Chase behind the tent w/ 2 camera crews filming the entire time. Soooo yeah, definitely more to this story.” Reality Steve also had this to say about her: “TRUTH: I get emailed a lot of things about contestants. Before the show ever started filming, I was emailed quite a few things about Victoria. One thing in the laundry list that was sent me was that she definitely had spent time with/hung out/dated Chase Rice pre-show…that’s why he follows her on IG. I don’t know how serious it was, how long it was for, or how/why it ended. But don’t think for a second Victoria being on today’s 1-on-1 wasn’t done on purpose. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.” Also check out this tweet from Reality Steve about just how awkward the date was because Peter and Victoria had to dance together right in front of Chase.



5. Mykenna Dorn

Mykenna Dorn is the only Canadian contestant on Peter’s season of The Bachelor. She is from Langley, British Columbia and runs her own blog. She is 22 and it seems running her blog/brand is her main occupation and even predicted on one of her posts that she was going to be on the show one day.



4. Kelley Flanagan

Kelley Flanagan is definitely a contestant that Bachelor fans should keep an eye on this season. She’s a 27-year-old tax attorney at Flanagan Bilton LLC in Chicago and graduated from the University of Alabama in 2014 with a degree in Marketing before she got her law degree in 2017. The most interesting thing about Kelley is that Reality Steve revealed that she actually met Peter before the show! “I can confirm that in Mid-August, she met Peter in Malibu when she was attending a wedding. They hit it off and she told him she was going to be on his season. I have no details beyond that. I have no idea if they made out, slept together, etc. But now that it’s known publicly they are both aware of each other and just recently met, will be interesting to see if it’s brought up on the show,” Reality Steve shared.



3. Madison Prewett

After falling for Alabama girl Hannah Brown, Peter has another one on his hands! Madison Prewett is a 23-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama and she graduated from Auburn University in 2018 with a degree in Communications and works as a foster parent recruiter. She also isn’t a stranger to competing and winning as she reportedly won $8,000 last year on The Price is Right!



2. Sydney Hightower

Another Alabama girl vying to capture Peter’s heart is Sydney Hightower. Not only is she from the same town as Hannah, but she actually went to the same high school, Tuscaloosa County High School, and since she is 24, they attended at the same time. Sydney works as a retail marketing manager.



1. Hannah Sluss

Hannah Sluss is a 23-yer-old from Knoxville, Tennesse, and a definite frontrunner on Peter’s season. Reality Steve has reported that Hannah gets Peter’s first impression rose, which often means a lot. Hannah also has some interesting connections to Bachelor Nation as she is good friends with Hannah Godwin, used to compete in pageants and has done quite a bit of modeling. She also stars in Chris Lane’s music video for “I Don’t Know About You.” Chris Lane is, of course, engaged to Ben Higgins’ ex-fiance Lauren Bushnell.