11 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2015

What would a year be without some pretty serious celebrity scandals? It would be particularly boring for those of us at FAME10, but then again, a year of writing about celebrity charity work would be pretty stellar. Celebrities are like the rest of us, except we get to single out all the times they put their feet in their mouths, and then inevitably apologize about it on Twitter. Or–if you’re some people on this list–you’re unapologetic, and particularly surly about your controversy. Either way, here are 11 of the biggest celebrity scandals of 2015.

11. Ariana Grande

Let’s call her “Donut Licker” for the rest of the year, shall we? Ariana offended every American–I think she forgot she’s American–when she railed and ranted about hating Americans, and then started licking donuts on the counter of a donut shop. Donuts that were being sold to the public. There was no getting around this misbehavior because it was all captured on a security camera. What else could she do but apologize profusely via social media? Sure, we’re all inclined to do stupid things at various times, but to complain about how stupid, and annoying “Americans” are (BTW: a large portion of her fan base are American–lets not forget she wouldn’t have a career without them) and then to disgustingly lick food for sale? Ariana proved she’s not above the people she insults — sounds a little like the kettle calling the pot black. Ariana was quickly forgiven, because people really don’t care if they’re offended by a sprite-like songstress. She’s pretty harmless.

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10. Donald Trump

Unlike Ariana, people are completely and totally fed up with Donald Trump, and this guy seems to do a lot more harm that he does good. Basically, his version of a presidential campaign is to offer very divisive opinions on everything, and oversimplifying complex issues. We all know Donald was really running as a publicity move, but then he started gaining political traction. If there’s one thing a person of Donald’s stature enjoys, it’s free publicity. This campaign is a win-win for the billionaire. He is increasing brand recognition, by simply showing up for debates or town halls, and spewing some of the most nonsensical gibberish and jargon he can toss to the masses. By this time next year, it’ll all be over. We’ll hear him complain about whoever wins the presidency, and then he’ll go back to the world of entrepreneurship and reality TV shows like The Apprentice.


9. Bill Cosby

In one of the most heartbreaking celebrity scandals of 2015, the rumors swirling around comedy legend, Bill Cosby, came to a head and exploded into a full blown tragedy. There was no perspective from which anyone could win this war. If Bill Cosby was innocent, he had been tried in the court of public opinion. If he was guilty, he had lived a double life and duped millions upon millions of fans into believing he was an upstanding, morally driven man. It only got worse for Bill in 2015, when he finally opened his mouth to speak about various incidents that happened during his past, admitting to sexual misgivings, but never admitting to, or apologizing for any particular behavior. The accusations–for those who have been under a rock–accused Bill of drugging and raping numerous women over the past four decades.

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8. Jared Fogle

And now, we present to you: The Scandal of All 2015 Scandals: Jared Fogle. The man we grew to love as the guy from Subway who lost a ton of weight eating Subway sandwiches is now a criminal, guilty of pedophilia. As it stands, he was diagnosed with a case of mild pedophilia by a clinical psychiatrist, greatly denying his future as a free man. Sadly, Jared admitted to a struggle with strange sexual “urges” as he began to lose his weight, and here’s a pitch for all of you arm chair psychological professionals out there. Jared even tried to claim that his urges were a result of his drastic weight loss — that it took a toll on his body physically and mentally. It didn’t hold up in the court room and we’re not surprised.


7. Brian Williams

Brian Williams did the one thing you can’t do as a journalist and hope to get away with. He told a fib. Perhaps if his fib was his weight, height or natural hair color, he would have gotten away it. Unfortunately, it involved a story about himself and his remote reporting from a worn torn region in which he claimed to have been close to a fire fight that could have ended his life. The fact of the matter: his story was made up. After these allegations surfaced, Brian admitted that he embellished about his experience while reporting alongside the American military, and NBC responded by suspending him indefinitely. NBC likely has themselves to blame in some part, pushing so hard for better ratings, but Brian committed the sin of death as a journalist. Will we see him again on national news? Not likely.

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6. Tyga and Kylie

We will now enter the sphere of Kardashians and Jenners for a few selections. Kylie Jenner was underage when she started dating Tyga. According to the laws in the state where she lives, it’s a no-no for men of age to date women younger than 18. Tyga and Kylie were unapologetic for their case of statutory rape, and Tyga was pretty cool with flaunting it in the face of anyone. Kylie…? She directed her ire toward Tyga’s ex-lady, and mother of his child, Black Chyna. These two have gone at one another ever since. It’s likely a marketing affiliation, so they can all score some free press and publicity with their childish tweets, quotes and antics regarding one another. The saddest aspect of this relationship was the nonchalance with which it was addressed by mother Kris KarJennerian, who doesn’t care about anything so long as that money is coming in.

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5. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

2015 started with a tragic accident involving Bruce Jenner, in which one of the passengers in another car was killed. For months, investigators tried determine whether or not they would charge Bruce with any criminal neglect. While the district attorneys office was combing through all variables of the accident, Bruce was investigating a few things of his own, notably, whether or not he wanted to live life as a man any longer. We are all well aware that Bruce is now living life as Caitlyn, and Caitlyn has won all kinds of awards for being true to herself. Even woman of the year which many people have been up and arms about. But, that’s digression. Let’s progress with the scandal that is Bruce/Caitlyn. Everyone was shocked to hear that Caitlyn was quite politically conservative, and not totally on board with all LGBT issues.

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4. Gavin Rossdale

The entertainment world was shocked when longtime rocker couple Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani announced the end of their 13-year marriage in August. According to sources, the relationship ended when Stefani found out about Gavin’s years of adultery with the family’s longtime nanny, Mindy Mann. Us Weekly reported that Stefani found out about the affair through texts, along with nude photos after Rossdale’s phone was linked up to the family’s iPad. Stefani has been quoted stating her marriage blew up in back in February, and sources state that the divorce in August came after Gavin confessed to the full affair after months of speculation from Gwen. If the rumors are true, the 46-year-old singer doesn’t seem too bothered about it all. She’s happily moved from this torched marriage with her new boyfriend and fellow Voice coach, Blake Shelton.

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3. Bobbi Kristina Brown

From near fatal tragedy to mysterious death of someone far too young to go. It is so sad to look at the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown, beloved child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Sadly, Bobbi Kristina never stood a chance. She was raised in an environment that was completely unhealthy. The sweetheart we knew and loved as Whitney Houston, figuratively died when she began her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. Her daughter was privy to all of the bad, and not much of the good. When Whitney passed away, Bobbi Kristina began living a lifestyle that was less than ideal, it it seemed she would follow in the footsteps of both her parents, enduring drug addictions, drama and potential legal troubles. As it stands, her death is still an open investigation, and we’ll continue to report on it FAME10 if things further develop.

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2. Lamar Odom

And to wrap up our foray into Kardashian Land, we’ll examine the tragedy that is Lamar Odom. Lamar’s near death brothel experience was a surprise… except that it wasn’t. Lamar has a tumultuous history of being promiscuous with prostitutes and abusing drugs and alcohol. It doesn’t change the fact that Lamar avoided a tragic end to what would have been a short life, and hopefully this will scare him straight. We’re cheering for Lamar! Hoping for the best. It has been admirable for Khloe Kardashian to stand by his side during the tragedy, especially considering Lamar had racked up a $75,000 tab at the Love Ranch. The divorce is off for the time being, but the future of this story holds plenty of potential drama.

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1. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck steals the number one spot of 2015’s biggest celebrity scandals. He and his wife of ten years Jennifer Garner quietly ended their marriage this past summer and things got messy when sources revealed that Ben became involved with 28-year-old Christine Ouzounaian, the caretaker of his three children with Jennifer. According to sources at Us Weekly, Christine developed an attraction to Ben during his “secret 10-month trial separation” from Garner and their relationship became quite flirty, extending beyond nannying duties. Apparently when Garner found out, she fired Ouzounian, but the relationship between her and Affleck continued on. Representatives of Affleck have completely denied the story and Ouzounian has never offered her own comment, so we might never know the full details of what happened in this divorce, but it sure sounds like it was scandalous!

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