10 Celebrities Who Will Get Pregnant In 2016

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Soon it will be 2016 and we have some predictions for the upcoming year! We have created a list of 10 celebrities who we expect will get pregnant in 2016 – check it out!

10. Jessica Alba

It’s been a few years since Jessica Alba had her second daughter Haven. Since she has said that she wants more children, we think 2016 might be the year when that happens.

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9. Holly Madison

Holly Madison has been vocal about the fact that she wants more children. Now that Rainbow is two years old, we think she’ll start trying to have another.

8. Beyonce

It’s been almost four years since Beyonce had Blue Ivy and we’re pretty shocked that she hasn’t had any more kids since. We think 2016 is the year that Beyonce announces that she has another one on the way!

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7. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is another first time mother who we expect to get pregnant in 2016. Most parents don’t want their child to grow up without siblings, which is why we expect Scarlett to get pregnant next year.

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6. Olivia Wilde

In 2016, it will have been a couple of years since Olivia Wilde had her first son, Otis, which makes us think that she’s probably due for another. Sometime next year, we expect a pregnancy announcement from Olivia. Mark our words!

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5. Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have been loved up for a couple of years now. They were married this spring, after a short two-month engagement, which makes us think they are in a pretty big rush to get settled. We expect that these two will be trying for children in the new year.

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4. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has said that she wants children (two to be exact) and, since she’s officially in her second year of marriage, we think she’ll probably be ready for children next year.

3. Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson just had her first child, Briar Rose, last year. Although she hasn’t said it, we expect that she will want to give Briar Rose a sibling in the next year or so, which is why we expect a pregnancy announcement in 2016.

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2. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis seems to really enjoy motherhood, which makes us think she’s going to want to add to her brood sometime in the near future. We personally can’t wait! Have you seen how cute Wyatt is? Her next one will probably be just as adorable!

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1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively has always said that she wants a big family. In fact, she once told Allure that she’d have 30 children if she could. Now that James is a year old, we expect her to start trying for her second.

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