23 Times Kate Middleton Broke Royal Code

Since Kate Middleton began her relationship with Prince William in 2003, she has become known for her tweaks in Royal protocol to be more suitable for the modern age. The royal family has undergone quite the makeover since Kate Middleton joined, and even more so now that Meghan Markle has joined. To see just how much has changed, we’re celebrating the new era of royal reign and reliving some of the fantastic moments that Kate Middleton broke down barriers and broke royal code.

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23. She flies on budget airlines

While Kate may be a Duchess and fly on private airlines quite often, that wasn’t always the case. She famously shunned a private jet and flew on an EasyJet flight back in 2012 when visiting the French Alps with Prince William.

Anwar Hussein/Press Association

22. She gives hugs occasionally

A rule of the royal protocol is that it is prohibited to give hugs or have physical contact with members of the public. It’s typically expected that royals don’t go past a handshake when it comes to greeting, but that doesn’t mean Kate hasn’t broken the rule a time or two to hug a little one.

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21. She refused a full-time nanny

Since the royal family is often traveling and attending public events, many royal parents decide to hire a full-time nanny to care for the children and provide a little parental relief. Kate Middleton, however, refused a full-time nanny and decided to take many of the parental duties on herself to raise her children. The only time the royal duo uses a nanny is when they are attending royal engagements.


20. Her mom helped out with Prince George when he was born

Instead of hiring a nanny when Kate’s firstborn child, George, was born, her mother Carole Middleton moved in with her to help. The first-time grandmother traveled to Anglesey to help with Prince George while Prince William returned to work as a RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot.

Source: Rex Features

19. She allowed William in the room when she gave birth

Kate broke years of tradition when she allowed Prince William to be in the room when she gave birth to Prince George and their two children that followed. For a moment as important as childbirth, Kate believed that it was necessary for William to be involved with the entire process despite royal protocol.


18. She does her own groceries

Since Kate didn’t grow up in the aristocracy, she’s used to doing simple everyday tasks by herself, like picking up groceries. While living in Anglesey, Kate was known as a regular at the grocery store Waitrose and made an effort to do her own food shopping for her and William.

Source: Press Association

17. She opted not to live in London right away

For their first year of marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opted to live in Anglesey by renting out Bordorgan Hall, a country house and estate. They said an emotional farewell once they gave birth to Prince George. “This island has been our first home together, and it will always be an immensely special place for us both,” William said of their decision to move.

AP Photo/Andrew Milligan/PA

16. She wears affordable clothing

As a Royal woman, it’s easy to assume that Kate Middleton would have a wardrobe full of designer clothes, but this isn’t actually the whole truth! While she definitely favors high-end fashion brands, she also loves to mix in an affordable piece occasionally. One of her favorite high street brands is Zara, which is where this white blazer was purchased from.

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15. She shows PDA with Prince William

Something refreshing about Kate and William’s relationship is that they aren’t afraid to show a little PDA. They aren’t timid about showing their affection for one another with a subtle hand hold or occasional hug. It’s nothing over the top and always with dignity, but it undeniably broke the royal mold that spouses should not touch each other in public.

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14. She’s not afraid to wear something the Queen doesn’t approve

A shoe style that the Queen absolutely detests is wedge heeled shoes, but that didn’t stop Kate Middleton from favoring the summery sandal! We definitely don’t blame her because a wedge heel provides comfort while still appearing polished and elegant. Unfortunately, it seems that the Queen may have had a talk with Kate because we haven’t seen her wear them nearly as often in recent years.

Source: Press Association

13. She dresses casually

Something unique about Kate Middleton is that she dresses for her own tastes and the occasion, which means we sometimes see her rocking sporty track pants and runners or a casual pair of jeans. We love that Kate isn’t afraid to dress down when the event calls for it, even if it is against royal protocal.

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12. She wears outfits twice

Another interesting fashion trick to note about Kate Middleton is that she doesn’t deter from wearing an outfit twice! It makes her relatable and just like everyone else. If she has a favorite piece, it’s definitely expected that she’ll step out wearing it on different occasions with a slight shift in accessories or hairstyle.

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11. She flies with her family

A strict royal rule is that official heirs to the throne should not fly with those in succession in case anything were to happen to the plane. This means that Kate and William should not be traveling with their children, who are in succession to the throne. This rule, however, has been broken by Kate and William who have opted to travel with their children on many different occasions.


10. She acts as the family photographer

Kate is a woman of many talents, one of which is photography. Rather than hiring an official portrait photographer, many of the photos released of the Royal children are actually taken by Kate Middleton herself. Clearly, she finds the idea of an official portrait a little stuffy and instead favors the natural, candid moments of her children.

Photo by TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge/REX

9. She does her own makeup

On the day she became a princess, Kate decided that she should do her own wedding makeup rather than turning to a professional. This is a decision most brides would cringe at, but Kate pulled it off and presented a nice soft, natural look for her walk down the aisle that just happened to broadcast to millions of viewers.

Photo by Ray Tang / Rex Features

Photo by Ray Tang / Rex Features

8. She spends Christmas with the Middletons

A few years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge opted to celebrate the holidays with her side of the family rather than spending it with the royals at the annual Sandringham Estate. The Queen was furious that Kate was willing to break from “decades of protocol.

Stefan Rousseau/Press Association

7. She’s the first non-aristocrat to marry an heir

One of the biggest points of interest about Kate Middleton is that she’s the first non-aristocrat to marry a future heir to the British throne. While the Middleton family is definitely well off, they aren’t royalty, which initially sent shockwaves through the public since no other royal had ever welcomed a non-aristocrat into the British family.

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6. She exposes her knees

Princess Kate wears what one may consider some very short dresses that expose her kneecaps. This has been said to infuriate the Queen who values the tradition of modesty. Even while she was pregnant, Kate wore some pretty sassy patterns and designs while making no attempt to hide her baby bump after giving birth.

5. She picked godparents on her own credentials

The royal couple decided to ignore the status of royal family connections and instead named their good friends, including Zara Tindall and Oliver Baker, as godparents to Prince George. The godparents were said to be chosen because they could provide George with a sense of normalcy.

Andrew Matthews/Press Association

4. She’ll be the first Queen with a college degree

Kate and William met while attending school together at the University of St. Andrews. William studied geography while Kate was studying art history, which makes her the UK’s first royal bride to have completed a university degree. If she becomes Queen, she will be the first Queen to have attended college!


3. She’s a hands-on parent

Similar to Princess Diana, Kate favors a hands-on approach when it comes to parenting. She wants to be as involved with her children’s upbringing as she can, which is why she opted to skip out on hiring a full-time nanny. She tries to bring a sense of normalcy to her children’s lifestyle by allowing them to attend school in a classroom and bring toys along with them for public engagements.


2. She shared an apartment with William before marriage

Before Kate and William officially started dating and becoming more serious, they actually lived together as flatmates. The two shared a flat with two other friends while studying at St. Andrews University. In retrospect, if the Queen had known that Kate was William’s future wife, we’re quite certain she wouldn’t have allowed them to live together before marriage as per royal protocol.

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1. She’s reportedly taken pole dancing classes

Whether it’s fact or fiction, the circulation of this tale is so prevalent it may as well be true. According to Star magazine, Kate attended a pole dancing class in disguise, in order to work off her baby weight after giving birth to Prince George. Apparently, Kate loved the workout and has said that a woman should have some secret talents she can reveal every now and then. This is certainly not a talent many would associate with the stuffiness of royal life!

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Photo by Tim Rooke / Rex Features

Photo by Tim Rooke / Rex Features

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