10 Crazy Kate Middleton Rumors

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Becoming a ‘royal’ means entering a life that is constantly being examined and scrutinized. While having access to millions of dollars and being a princess may have its perks, being part of an unceasing media whirlwind may take its toll. I think it’s fair to say that Kate Middleton has handled the paparazzi with much grace. This list countdowns the top rumors spread about the Duchess of Cambridge by gossip-thirsty media mongers.

10. Kate Wants William To Quit His Helicopter Job Because of ISIS

If Kate truly was severely afraid, could you really blame her? According to the Globe, William is being tracked by ISIS while out on his helicopter rescue missions. They’re supposedly using a cheap Smartphone App to track him. Oh, and apparently this App can also possibly be used to shoot down his aircraft. This all sounds a little bit like the plot from a futuristic cheesy sci-fi movie, but who knows…the future is now!

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9. Kate Gets a Big Pay Check For Her Royal Duties

Okay, this one is kind of true, but obviously being a Princess must entitle you to a little pocket change. According to E! News, Prince Charles gave the Duchess, Prince William and his bro Prince Harry over $4 million to put towards different expenditures like clothes and traveling. And get this – it was only for the course of one year. Cha-ching!

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8. Kate Stays In Shape By Pole Dancing

According to Star magazine, a source revealed that Kate attended a pole dancing class in a disguise (the disguise was wearing a scarf…how mysterious), in order to work off baby weight after giving birth to Prince George. Apparently Kate loved the workout and has said that a woman should have some secret talents she can reveal every now and then…encore!

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7. Prince Charles Has Been Cut Off

The rumor mill has been abuzz with speculation about the role Prince Charles plays in his grandchildren, George and Charlotte’s lives. After history with William’s mother Princess Diana, which involved an affair and a royal divorce, it’s been said that William isn’t his father’s biggest fan and has allowed distance to grow between them over the years. Apparently, the Middleton family favors this distance and believes that Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole, will be able to instill the right values in the future King George. Despite how hurt Charles is by all of this, he was sure to redesign Prince William’s childhood treehouse for his grandchildren. While it no longer sits in a tree, it is supported by 10 rough-hewn Welsh slate standing stones and is accessed by a holly leaf-shaped door. It’s located out amongst his organic gardens. Not bad, grandpa.

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6. Kate’s Mom is Power Hungry

Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, may just have the upper hand over the Queen. It’s been said that Carole makes many decisions regarding William and Kate’s living situations and how they’re raising their children. An insider on Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported, “Carole and Kate have instituted a new regimen that favors family and middle class values instead of privilege. Make no mistake though, the Middletons and their royal in-laws enjoy the power and riches of a multi-million dollar allowance, but Carole and Kate call the shots. Anmer Hall is a lavish country home, but the Middleton family dominates, constantly making changes to royal traditions and protocol.”

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5. The Princess and Queen Elizabeth II Are In An Endless Fued

It’s been said that the Princess is feuding with the Queen over the maintenance of certain royal traditions. Kate is making her own decisions about where to live and when, and has not been adhering to the preferred estate listing set out by history. It seems that there’s a royal residence for every stage of life, but Middleton is paving her own way and trying to raise her family by her own standards and evaluations of where to live, when, and why.

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4. Kate Won’t Let William Party

The fun is apparently over for this royal family man! Friends have supposedly been disappointed by the absence of the Prince, and Kate is said to be keeping him on a tight leash. William isn’t to go out without her and the children and any plans must be run by her first.

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3. Kate Has Postpartum Depression

Rumors have been running wild since the Princess missed a friend’s wedding that she’s been suffering from postpartum depression. Some rumors have even gone as far to say that the royal couple may split over it because Prince Willy just can’t handle his wife’s woes. While the royal family will not comment on the rumor, being a mom of two is hard work, and this lady is pretty bogged down with obligations. Can you blame her for missing one?

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2. Kate Has Had Several Plastic Surgery Procedures

While it’s not uncommon for celebs to go under the knife to perfect certain imperfections, the royal family, in all its glory, must exist in a constant state of grace and perfection. Despite the expectation of 100 percent natural God-given beauty for the royals, an anonymous Ok! Magazine source revealed speculations, which were completely fabricated, that Kate had a breast lift since the birth of her children, and two nose jobs.

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1. Kate and Prince William Are Getting a Divorce

Rumors that the royal couple were getting a divorce began to fly the second the pair said their “I dos.” These rumors haven’t let up either. From Kate’s postpartum depression working to dissolve their marriage, and the hatred the Queen holds for Kate and the entire Middleton family, the rumor mill is burning the midnight oil on this story. It is alleged, however, that William actually wanted to marry Isabella Calthorpe instead of Kate, but she turned him down, not wanting to deal with the pressures that come with royal life. Calthorpe is now married, but the Prince may not have recovered from this unrequited love. It is said that he has a “wandering eye.” Perhaps the royals will prove to be interesting yet. Come on! Give us some drama!

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