10 Things You Didn’t Know About Y&R Star Eric Braeden

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8. German History

During a recent media tour to promote his book I’ll Be Damned Braeden talked about his controversial history. Braeden was born in Bredenbek, Germany and his father was the mayor of town at one point. As Braeden relays, his dad was a decent and honest man, who never promoted ant-Semitism when Eric grew up. He was a part of the government and he joined the Nazi Party, like most of the professionals in his stature did during that time period. Braeden was quick to note that his dad did not take part in the atrocities the party did and he would not allow his eldest brother to join the Hitler Youth party.



7. Marlon Brando Didn’t Want Him To Act

In an interesting part of I’ll Be Damned, Eric relays a story about him and legendary Hollywood actor, Marlon Brando. The two appeared in a 1965 flick Morituri. During a break between scenes, Brando advised Braeden against being an actor as Eric was “too bright.” Braeden would go on in the book to say that he was surprised by the comment, but admired the fact that Marlon didn’t care about what anyone thought of him, what he said or did.