10 Things You Didn’t Know About Y&R Star Amelia Heinle

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8. Almost Missed Out

Heading out to an audition during breaks was probably a hectic thing for Heinle at the time. In fact, she was close to missing out on a Loving audition because her cab driver took her to the wrong set — he headed to the One Life to Live set versus Loving. The good news was that she did make it on time, but that took perseverance on her part. Heinle ran in the rain for a few blocks to ensure she got there. She may have looked like a hot mess once she got there, but she still scored the part of Steffi Brewster.

Robert Voets © CBS / Courtesy: Everett Collection


7. Transition Time

Loving was cancelled in 1995 which meant soap actors/actresses on the show were out of a job. In fact, the final storyline in the soap was that the majority of Loving’s characters were axed off by a serial killer. In typical soap fashion, there was a happy ending. The City debuted shortly after Loving left the air that year and it featured all the surviving characters of the show moving to SoHo. Heinle’s character, Steffi, was one that made the cut…or perhaps didn’t make the cut (depends on how you view it). She would remain on the spin-off soap until its cancellation in 1997.

Robert Voets / ©CBS / courtesy Everett Collection