10 Things We Miss About Felicity


There aren’t enough shows about the whole college experience, which is why “Felicity” is quite special. Through the show, we got to see Felicity and her group of friends navigate through the academic and social aspects of college. We also got to accompany Felicity as she tried to find her true inner self. It involved both self-discovery and heartache. We’re really missing Felicity and her friends right about now. Plus, things were so much simpler back then. Since the show has been off the air for over 10 years, we figured that now would be a good time to take a look at the 10 things that we miss most about “Felicity!”

The Indecision

The characters on “Felicity” were pretty indecisive, probably because many of them were a little too self-aware for their own good. We’d do anything to go back and watch the characters struggle through their indecision again. It was so typical of the whole college experience.

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Ben and Felicity’s Relationship

Even though Felicity had trouble choosing between Ben and Noel, it was pretty obvious that her heart always belonged to Ben. If it hadn’t been for him, she never would have ended up in New York!

We’d love to see these two lovebirds go through the good and the bad again, especially now that we know that they ended up together.

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The Constant Drama

“Felicity” wasn’t like “Gossip Girl,” but it did have its fair share of drama, like when Felicity “accidentally” cheated on Ben with Noel. Or the time that she thought that she had been date raped at a party. The characters were constantly getting into situations that they couldn’t handle, but they always managed to come out on top.

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Felicity’s Self-Awareness

Felicity was so ridiculously self-aware. She spent so much time thinking and over-analyzing things that she sometimes ended up making rash and impulsive decisions, like when she abandoned her plans to study pre-med at Stanford to follow her high school crush Ben to New York. We really miss how overly self-aware she was.


Dean & DeLuca Manager Javier

Javier – Felicity’s manager at Dean & DeLuca – was always so animated and bubbly. He definitely provided some much needed comic relief. When things were way too dramatic with Felicity and her friends/lovers, he was always there to relieve some of the tension with his humor.

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Felicity’s Cozy Looking Sweaters

Felicity was almost always wearing these cozy looking sweaters. Fashion was different back then. Young women didn’t show a lot of skin the way they do now, which is why Felicity was usually pretty covered up. The sweaters really worked on her in part thanks to her gorgeous face and trademark hair (before the shocking cut).


The Felicity, Noel and Ben Love Triangle

Felicity had what most women want – two really hot guys fighting for her affections. When she wasn’t pining for Ben, she was fixated on Noel. Although she inevitably chose Ben in the end, we couldn’t help but wonder why she and Noel were never able to make it work.

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The College Experience

Through Felicity, many of us got to experience college life. We saw Felicity and her friends in class, doing assignments and writing exams. We also followed them through various parties and other social situations. Even if you didn’t have a great experience in college, living vicariously through Felicity and the gang changed that.

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Felicity’s Roommate Meghan

Felicity’s roommate Meghan became one of the more compelling characters on the show. During the first season, she was at odds with Felicity most of the time; however, during season two, they became friends. We really miss her humor. She was definitely the funniest character on the show.

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Felicity’s Hair

No one on TV had hair like Felicity’s. It was so long, curly and totally out of control. We really don’t care that she cut it off for season two of the show. By season three, a good part of it was back and more beautiful than ever.

Keri Russell still has long hair, but she no long sports those wild ringlets, which makes us sad. They were so beautiful!



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