Real-Life Soap Opera BFFs

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In the land of daytime drama, no one can trust their friends. However, behind the scenes, soap actors and actresses establish a genuine bond. They work long hours, doing tours for fan signings, and attend lavish parties together, so they tend to get to know each other very well. Thus, a friendship forms, especially if they’ve worked together for years (or even decades). As such, below is a list of real-life soap opera BFFs.

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14. DOOL’s Marci Miller, Sal Stowers and Camila Banus

These Days of Our Lives (DOOL) BFFs is what the hashtag #SquadGoals is all about. They haven’t been working together for that long, but seem to get along quite well on set. Marci plays Abigail Deveraux; Sal plays Lani Price; and Camila plays Gabi Hernandez on the show. While they are friends on the soap, their characters don’t always see ‘eye-to-eye.’ Gabi and Abby recently both vied for Chad DiMera’s affections, but if you peruse any of their social media handles, you’ll see firsthand that these girls place the difference their characters may have behind them.

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13. Y&R’s Mishael Morgan and Christel Khalil

Amanda Sinclair and Lily Ashby get along cordially on the Young and the Restless (Y&R). But off-screen, Mishael Morgan (Hilary) and Christel (Lily) have quite the friendship. The two ladies get along so well that when Mishael was expecting in 2015, Christel co-hosted her BFF’s baby shower. What a pal!

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12. GH’s Maurice Benard and Chad Duell

While they play father and son on General Hospital (GH), these two seem pretty chummy on set as well. As a long-time actor on the soap, Maurice consistently posts on Instagram all the crazy shenanigans that go on between him and his GH colleagues. However, he does seem to snap a lot more photos of onscreen son Chad. The two seem to have a great friendship that has developed over the years.

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11. DOOL’s Lauren Koslow and Kristina Alfonso

DOOL’s Hope Brady and Kate Roberts live in the same town but sit on opposite ends of the Salem spectrum. One’s a good girl cop and the other is a manipulative corporate businesswoman looking to take over the world. Hope and Kate don’t share much in common and both aren’t really friends. The good news is though, the actresses who play these very different women seem to get along great! The two women recently went out to celebrate Kristina’s birthday.

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10. GH’s Emme Rylan and Kirsten Storms

Does life imitate art? It sure does in the land of soap operas at times! Onscreen BFFs Lulu Spencer and Maxie Jones have been through it all on GH and, despite their ups and downs, have always had each other’s back. Doesn’t seem too far from the truth when it comes to the actresses that play them. Rylan and Storms have a strong BFF bond and it must be amazing going to work every day and getting to hang with your favorite female person!

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9. Y&R‘s Michelle Stafford and Christian Le Blanc

There is no replacing the friendship between Michelle Stafford and Christian Le Blanc (Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Michael Baldwin, respectively). These two actors have played BFFs for years on the soap, and even when Stafford left the soap for a few years, their Instagram accounts made clear that the friends remained tight in real-life.

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8. GH‘s Kirsten Storms and DOOL‘s Brandon Barash

Kirsten and Brandon were once a couple, married for three years before their split up in 2016. A beautiful little girl resulted in that relationship, and while one would expect that the two might not get along after separating, the truth is that they are both #coparentinggoals. You can find the blended family creating hilarious videos with their daughter Harper Rose, going on trips, and even promoting the other’s careers on social media. Who says exes have to be nasty to each other? In all seriousness, the are creating an excellent example for their daughter and other couples who break up and can’t seem to get along for their children’s sake.

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7. GH‘s Maurice Benard and Laura Wright

Just because you work with someone for over a decade doesn’t mean you have to be besties; however, GH viewers can tell from interviews and social media that these two don’t only get along but are also quite good friends. While their onscreen super couple Carly and Sonny Corinthos don’t always see eye-to-eye, Laura and Maurice seem to always have fun when working together on the GH set.

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6. Y&R‘s Sharon Case and B&B‘s Jennifer Gareis

While Sharon and Grace were pretty much mortal enemies in the land of Genoa City, mainly because Grace was always after Sharon’s love, Nick Newman, they seem to get along very well in real life. In fact, check out either one of their social media handles and you can tell that they are bona fide BFFs, even though it’s been years since they’ve worked on the Y&R together.

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5. GH’s Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson

Speaking of GH BFFs, Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson had quite the onscreen chemistry when it came to their Port Charles’ bromance. Jason Morgan was clearly the brawn to Spinelli’s brains when it came to the duo, but they made quite the team. Well, these two are not only close on GH, but close off the set too. Interestingly enough, they also play in a band known as “Port Chuck” along with other GH alumni, Brandon Barash and Scott Reeves.

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4. Y&R’s Daniel Goddard, Christel Khalil and Bryton James

For about a decade now, these three have been killing it on Y&R. Christel and Bryton play adoptive brother and sister (Lily and Devon) and Daniel (Cane) married into the family when he hooked up with Lily. These three musketeers seem to have a ton of fun outside of Genoa City and you really can’t work with someone for as long as they have and not get a little attached. BFF squads come in many different forms and these three have their bond (clearly) locked outside of the Y&R.

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3. DOOL’s Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols

DOOL’s Steve and Kayla are a super couple with staying power that has lasted decades. Still holding strong in 2017, ask any soap opera fan and they will tell you just how incredible their onscreen chemistry still is to this very day. It’s hard to keep that kind of onscreen romance alive and the fact that Evans and Nichols are great friends may just have something to do why they are still so great together in Salem.

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2. Y&R’s Melissa Claire Egan and Chrishell Stause

These women go way back! Working together on All My Children in the mid-to-late 2000s. They also were also colleagues on Y&R for a bit. Oddly enough, Missy has the privilege of saying that she has made out with Chrishell’s fiancée (but now ex-husband), This is Us star Justin Hartley, because he was her onscreen love interest at one point in time. No bad blood over this though, it’s all in a day’s work!

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1. Y&R’s Sharon Case and Tamara Clatterbuck

Besties until the end! One only needs to peek at Case’s Instagram account to see just how close and how often these BFFs hang out. The two worked together on Y&R from 1998 to 2005, when Clatterbuck played Alice Johnson on the show and, of course, Sharon has been playing Sharon Newman for decades now. When Alice returned to Genoa City years later, it must’ve been fun for these two besties to see each other at work every morning!

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