Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 1, 2018)


Wedding chaos, unexpected visitors to town, secrets being revealed, and a bit of a corporate shuffle at Jabot — typical week in Genoa City, right? Seems like it! Learn more about Billy, Phyllis, Traci, Ashley, the Shick wedding, Victor, and others in the Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of October 1, 2018.

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10. Ashley’s Big Move

Ashley will make a huge move this week when she decides to organize an emergency meeting with Jabot’s board. She will feel like she can’t just sit back and watch Billy ruin the legacy her father fought so hard to build. She’ll let everyone at the meeting know that he’s been stealing company funds to gamble.

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9. Jack For The Save?

An unusual ally will come to Billy’s defense this week. After his talk with Phyllis, Jack will agree to help bail Billy out of this mess by handing over half the money. Billy will agree to go to rehab as such; however, Jack won’t be too happy when he learns the whole story at the emergency board meeting. It is there he finds out his little brother needs the money to give back to Jabot. Jack will be shocked at the lengths Billy has taken around this addiction.

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8. New CEO

Y&R spoilers indicate that there will be a no-confidence vote when all is said and done at the meeting, and Traci will fill in for Billy, for now that is. While she isn’t happy about this situation, the family is out of options and Traci knows that Ashley won’t back down. She’ll be sad about doing this to Billy, but Traci will also do her best when it comes to family damage control. She’s the glue that holds all these siblings together.

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7. Billy Heads To Rehab

The silver lining in all this is that Billy does agree to head to rehab after the entire fiasco, as he clearly does need help for his gambling addiction. Before he leaves he does warn Traci about Ashley, letting her know that her older sister is simply manipulating her. Y&R spoilers indicate that the first order of Traci’s leadership centers around leveling out the playing field at Jabot.

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6. Big Win For Ash

As the week progresses, Y&R spoilers indicate that Ashley will be celebrating a big win. Maybe she finally succeeds when it comes to scrapping the Abbott-blood clause at Jabot? If this is the case, it is plenty to celebrate, as she has far more experience in leading the company than Traci, and actually wants the job.

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5. Final Shick Wedding Preparations

Nick and Sharon will have some final wedding details to iron out this week as the big day approaches. They will both be a ball of nerves, and the fact that they never came forward with their secrets last week will lay heavy on their minds. Y&R spoilers tease there will be some obstacles in the couple’s way as they head to their nuptials.

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4. Mariah’s Big Decision

Mariah will have a huge decision in front of her thanks to the secret being revealed about Nick’s one-nighter with Phyllis. Summer will get into her ear and try to convince her to spill the beans, while Mariah also interrogates Nick about his past relationships. She’ll have a hard time trying to figure out if he’s the good guy he presents himself to be and if he will put Sharon first.

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3. Runaway Bride?

Meanwhile, it turns out that Sharon will be late for the wedding when the day arrives. Y&R spoilers state that Nick will get a huge hug from Faith as they worry about where Sharon could be. Meanwhile Victor will have no issues stating the obvious – that Nick is being stood up; however, he won’t understand why Sharon has decided against the wedding. Regardless, spoilers tease a secret is revealed and chaos ensues, so expect some messiness at the Shick wedding.

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2. Vicky And Nikki Worry

On top of what is going on with Nick, Victoria and Nikki will stress over J.T.’s murder/cover up. Y&R spoilers tease that a character gets a fortune that reads, ‘I know what you did, and I’m going to make you pay’. If either Nikki or Vicky receives that message this week, one could understand what the center of their worry would be.

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1. Shocking Visitor

Y&R spoilers indicate that someone surprising is headed to Genoa City in the next five days. Could they be linked to the Shick wedding or the fortune message above? If this is linked to the ladies and their cover up murder, could it be J.T.? Hellstrom being alive was teased months ago, and it was Nick; however, this doesn’t mean that J.T. isn’t alive after all. Either way, spoilers indicate that it is someone fans aren’t expecting.

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