Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 26, 2018)

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Is Sharon still hung up Nick? Will Devon spiral out of control? Are Kerry and Jack moving closer to something special? Will the truth ever come out about J.T.’s murder? These are just some of the storylines that will continue to roll out this week on the Young and the Restless (Y&R). Learn the answers to some of these questions by reading the below Y&R spoilers for the week of November 26, 2018.

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10. Award Moment

Award moment alert! Y&R spoilers suggest that Sharon will find Nick (shirtless) at his place with Phyllis, and soon will come to the realization that the two have shacked up together. Expect the sparks to fly between these three this week! Sharon will feel hurt, and Nick will pick up on her feelings. Phyllis will be upset at the fact that he is clearly still hung up on her, and lose it on him.

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9. Phyllis Racks Up The Secret

Y&R spoilers tease that Phyllis will hide something from someone this week. While she already has J.T.’s murder on her list of cover-ups, it seems as if she’ll add something else to this list. What could she be hiding? Y&R viewers need to tune in to find out. Seems like it may be another big one.

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8. Vicky Turns The Tables

No one wants to be Tessa this week. Victoria will prove she’s Victor Newman’s daughter when she issues a warning to Tessa. She’ll make it crystal-clear that if the young lady tries to cross her, she’ll pin J.T.’s murder on her. Still, while Tessa will be left spinning, Y&R spoilers tease that more evidence around this case will come out soon.

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7. Mariah Wonders About Tessa

Speaking of, Mariah will wonder about her future with Tessa this week. After everything that has gone down, and Tessa’s role as the blackmailer in the entire J.T. murder debacle, it’s no wonder Mariah will have doubts around whether or not Tessa is really the one for her. Anyone else think that she and Kyle should hook up?

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6. Mia and Arturo

Mia continues to be up to no good when she tries to push Arturo’s buttons this week. Y&R spoilers indicate that Arturo will have had just about enough with his ex, but it seems as if these two may feel a connected push towards each other. Arturo has Abby, but Mia may offer some temptation for him to turn his back on this relationship.

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5. Abby Pulls A Bold Move

Y&R spoilers tease a bold move from Abby this week, but does it have to do with business or pleasure? She may do something daring in the corporate world, or she may feel compelled to put Mia in her place. There is a ton going on in Abby’s world, so this spoiler could have to do with either situation.

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4. Ana Arrives

Y&R spoilers suggest that Devon’s sister will return to Genoa City this week. In other Devon spoiler news, Cane will start to suspect Devon has a drug addiction and call him on it when he finds a baggy filled with pills. Devon is struggling right now in the wake of Hilary’s death, so here’s hoping that family can help ground him before he spirals.

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3. Jack and Kerry

New couple alert or what? Y&R spoilers tease that Kerry will pursue Jack this week, and let’s face it, the eldest Abbott son could use some romance in his life. Kerry will surprise Jack with something, so here’s hoping Kerry can make a positive impact in Jack’s life. He could use a nice relationship.

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2. Victor and Nikki

Victor and Nikki will connect this week, and it seems that the scene will be one that takes place via a phone call. The Moustache will let her know how much he misses her, and offer up some help of sorts. While Nikki is going through a tough time right, it might offer some relief to know that Victor is on her side, always.

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1. Kyle’s World

A lot going on this week with Kyle. First and foremost, Y&R spoilers tease that he’ll get quite the surprise from Lola. As the week progresses, he and Uncle Billy will join forces to conspire together — they should make quite the team! Lastly, spoilers indicate that Summer will take on a new challenge of sorts, this week.

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