Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 19, 2018)

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With American Thanksgiving on the horizon this week, Genoa City residents should be counting their blessings this week. Instead though, they’ll be causing chaos, drama, and issues. Learn more about what will happen in the next five days to Abby, Sharon, Vicky, Mariah, Tessa, and of course, the entire Rosales clan (plus more) in the Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of November 19, 2018.

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10. Mariah Confronts Sharon

As Tessa revealed that she is indeed the blackmailer that Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon “paid off” weeks ago, Y&R spoilers tease that Mariah will confront her mom this week. Fans should expect to see Sharon scramble a little as she tries to explain what has happened, and Mariah will feel very sad to have been lied to all these months.

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9. Will Mariah Reveal The Blackmailer?

It only makes sense for Sharon to also question where Mariah got this information from, but will Mariah reveal that Tessa has been blackmailing the four ladies all along? The confrontation overall should be an interesting one this week. It’ll be tricky for Mariah to dodge any of Sharon questions around this, but Sharon is in no position to really question anything.

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8. Vicky Gets Caught

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victoria will get caught in “the action,” so clearly she’ll be doing something she shouldn’t be this week. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get found out by Rey, as he seems to be breathing down her neck as of late. Other Y&R spoilers tease that Victoria will reach out to Billy this week as well. Now that he is single, do these two have a chance at a reunion?

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7. Rey and Sharon

Rey will turn to Sharon and open up to her about his estranged wife Mia, and her affair with his brother Arturo. Sharon will provide some support, as she knows all too well how much it can hurt when someone close offers up a betrayal of that magnitude. Guess these two aren’t slowing down now that Mia is in Genoa City.

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6. Mia Causes Problems

Mia continues to be all over the board this week on Y&R. She’s still trying to get close to Rey, but she will also stir up issues for Abby and Arturo. Spoilers tease she’ll make a play for Arturo, and Abby will be bitten by the jealousy bug. In fact, Abby will struggle this week trying to deal with the idea that Mia and Arturo were together.

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5. Lola and Mia Make Peace

While she’s racking up enemies in Abby and Sharon, the good news for Mia this week is that she’ll bury the hatchet with sister-in-law Lola. The two ladies will put their differences aside, which seems like good timing since this is the week of Thanksgiving. How long will this last? Only time will tell.

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4. Devon’s Bash

Missing Hilary like crazy, Devon will throw an epic party this week. However, Y&R spoilers state it will spiral out of control, as Devon drinks too much to drown the grief and ease his pain. Sadly, all he’ll really get out of the entire ordeal is a terrible hangover and perhaps a lecture from Nate.

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3. It’s An Abbott Thanksgiving

The Abbotts will gather at the mansion to celebrate American Thanksgiving together, and Jack will invite Kerry to join them this year. She’ll take some time to think about it, but will finally accept. Interestingly enough, Jack is given some shocking news during the dinner, so fans will have to tune in to Friday’s episode to catch all the Abbott holiday drama.

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2. Other Thanksgiving Celebrations

Y&R spoilers indicate that Vicky and Nikki’s Thanksgiving celebrations will be severely affected by the J.T. investigation, so here’s hoping it’s just their paranoia getting the better of them, and Rey doesn’t crash the Newman holiday gathering. Speaking of, Y&R spoilers state that the Rosales clan will help Sharon host Thanksgiving festivities at Crimson Lights for the homeless.

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1. Scheduling Notice

It’s clearly all about American Thanksgiving and the drama it can bring this week in Genoa City; however, it’s important for Y&R fans to note that the soap opera will not be airing a show this Thursday, November 22 due to the holiday. The show will resume regularly scheduled programming the next day on Friday, November 23.

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