Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (January 7, 2019)


There will be double, double, toil and trouble for the Coven when Nikki makes a startling confession to Victor while Victoria slaps Phyllis, and Sharon finds herself alone in a hotel room with Rey this week on the Young And The Restless (Y&R). Also, Kyle and Lola will express their feelings to one another and Cane will be wracked with guilt about kissing Victoria. Plus, a sneak peek at the following week. Read below for more Y&R spoilers for the week of January 7, 2019.

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10. Mismatched Coupling

Now that they’ve returned from Bora Bora, it looks like the cringe-worthy relationship between Jack and Kerry will continue. Kerry found out about another one of Jack’s paramours when she met Jill last week and looked jealous when she left Jack alone with his former stepmother as she went home to unpack. Kerry seems more and more uncomfortable as she continues to meet a plethora of Jack’s ex-lovers and ex-wives, and who can blame her? There are also rumors that Kerry is keeping some secrets from her new boyfriend. After returning to chilly Genoa City from her tropical vacation with Jack, will she turn cold towards him again this week?

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9. Reunited And It Feels So Good

Reunited again after Lola’s most recent temper tantrum and Kyle’s apology for buying her an expensive purse, Kyle will tell Lola he loves her this week. Spoilers show Lola will return the sentiment. Will this end the recent conflict between the two, which culminated in Lola kissing Fen at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? It looks like Kola will be back together and stronger than ever.

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8. Phyllis Gets Her Just Desserts

In a preview for this week, Phyllis is shown telling Victoria that her father Victor “is as vile as J.T. ever was and deserves exactly what he gets.” Victoria’s response will be to slap Phyllis in the face, hard. To hear Phyllis spewing such intense hatred for Victor begs the question – could she be the one who’s been gaslighting Nikki all along? But if so, is she capable of going to such drastic measures like torching the ranch and planting the bloody clothes, in the hopes of framing the Mustache for J.T.’s murder? Back in 1994, Phyllis had no qualms when she purposely ran over Christine and Paul Williams with her car on their wedding day, so who’s to say she would be above framing Victor for murder?

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7. Growing Guilt

Cane will receive a letter from Lily, which will fill him with guilt over the passionate kiss he shared recently with Victoria. He’s had a new appreciation for Lily lately as he has begun to realize how difficult it is to take care of his children and run a business at the same time. While reading the letter, Cane will comprehend just how far apart he feels from his wife and the toll it’s taking on them both. Later, when he and Charlie and Mattie show up at Victoria’s house for J.T.’s memorial, Cane and Victoria will share an anxious moment. Billy will see the awkwardness between the two of them and will begin to suspect that something is going on.

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6. Mac Is Back

Mac (Kelly Kruger) will return to Genoa City this week. Will she be speaking to Rey about J.T.’s murder or will she confront Victor, who is currently accused of committing the crime? It seems more likely though, that Mac’s return will be to attend the memorial Reese will be holding for his deceased dad and Mac’s ex-husband J.T.

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5. Alone At Last

Sharon and Rey will find themselves in an unusual situation this week. It looks like icy road conditions will force the pair to check into a hotel and only one bed will be available. Rey will let Sharon take the bed while he takes a chair. In a preview, the two are shown alone together in the hotel room and Sharon asks a shirtless Rey if he has “any idea on how to pass the time?” By the uncomfortable look on Rey’s face, it looks like he may have thought of one! Although they’ve been attracted to each other for months now, it looks like the pair will bond but it’s unlikely that Sharon and Rey will cross the line, at least not this week.

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4. Nikki’s Confession

Nikki will visit Victor at the prison this week and tells him, in a preview, she knows who killed J.T. Victor will quiet her and tell her: “Don’t you ever repeat those words again, to no one.” Does he have a sneaking suspicion that it was indeed his wife who killed his former son-in-law, or does he suspect that it was his daughter Victoria?

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3. Reed’s Revelation

Still devastated by the death of his father, Reed will hold a memorial this week for J.T. In attendance will be Nikki, Victoria, Billy, Mac, Tracy, Phyllis, Nick, Cane, Mattie and Charlie. Paranoid that Nikki is about to confess to J.T.’s murder, rumor has it that Phyllis will announce to everyone there that J.T. had physically abused Victoria. Reed will look to his mother to deny this, but she is unable to and she will tell him it’s true. Livid at this news about his father, Reed will smash J.T.’s photo and take off out of the house.

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2. Phick Fallout

Phyllis’ outburst at J.T.’s memorial could result in the death of her most current relationship, with ex-husband Nick. He will not understand why Phyllis had to mention J.T.’s abuse in such a public way and in front of Victoria and J.T.’s son Reed, which upset his nephew greatly. The pair will have a huge argument following the memorial. Could this lead to the end of Nick and Phyllis?

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1. Sneak Peak – Week of January 14, 2019

Upset that her husband spent an evening in a hotel room alone with Sharon, Mia will test Rey next week. Victor and Nick will join forces to help him beat his murder rap and it will also be revealed that, like Sharon, Nikki’s every move is being watched. But who is shadowing the two women, and will the other two members of the Coven, Victoria and Phyllis, be next? Stay tuned.

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