Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (December 9, 2019)

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As the holidays draw near, Genoa City residents continue to stir up the romance, adventure, and drama! A couple will reunite; a character will decide to stay in town a little while longer; and one man will want more than just friendship with his lady friend. Learn about these storylines and others in The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of December 9, 2019.

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9. Summer and Theo

While they have recently decided to take a break, something may change in the coming days between these two. Y&R spoilers for next week indicate that Theo will suggest that he and Summer move in together. Will the heart grow a little fonder during their breakup, and is this idea a way to win Summer back?

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8. Chance’s World

Y&R spoilers tease that Chance will receive some sort of offer early on in the week. It most likely has to do with business (and not pleasure), and now that he’s nabbed Abby for all the thefts going on in the Grand Phoenix, does he get approached by Phyllis? Or, does he make a pact with Abby to keep quiet, and gain a job in the process?

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7. Staying Put

Whatever is offered to Chance, Y&R spoilers hint it’ll give him reason enough to stay in town. While it seems that all arrows are pointing to a new job, romance could also convince Chance to stay put. Maybe Abby makes a move on him this week, or perhaps another lady presses forward?

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6. Devon Can’t Shake Amanda

Despite being in a solid relationship with Elena, Y&R spoilers seem to suggest that Devon won’t be able to stop thinking about Amanda this week. In fact, she’ll be on his mind. But, who could blame him? With all that has changed recently, and her striking resemblance to Hilary, it is no wonder he has Amanda on the brain.

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5. Nate Wants More

Amanda seems to be on everyone’s radar this week, as Y&R spoilers reveal that she’ll also linger on Nate’s mind. Teasers state that he’ll decide he wants more than friendship from the beautiful lawyer; however, the bigger question is, will he let her know about this? Plus, does he want a long-term romance, or simply just a fling?

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4. Victor’s Not Sure

Yet another Genoa City man is thinking about Amanda this week, but not in the best of lights. Y&R spoilers indicate that The Moustache will start to have some suspicions about the newcomer to town. One thing Amanda does not want to do is get off on the wrong foot with Victor Newman.

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3. Billy Struggles

It seems as if Billy will be wrestling with inner demons this week, as Y&R spoilers suggest he’ll be struggling with old habits, which equal bad habits. Could he try and resist temptation around gambling, or are some terrible thoughts around hurting Adam resurfacing? Could it also be that he’ll tell Victoria another lie, or cover something up? Lying was certainly an old habit of his …

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2. Adam Pushes Buttons

On to the other side of town, Y&R spoilers state that Adam will try and push Phyllis’ buttons. Could he be (gently) teasing her about her sudden closeness to Nick, or potentially trying to get a rise out of her about this on purpose? Adam has his eyes on Chelsea, and if Nick is more preoccupied with Red, then it’ll be that much easier for him to snag Lawson. He could be doing this to help push Phyllis in that direction, or he could be doing it to simply get under her skin.

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1. Kyle Celebrates!

Seems as if Kyle will have something to celebrate in the coming days, as Y&R spoilers hint that he’ll be happy over something successful he’s accomplished and want to revel in it. Could it be at work? Seems so. He’s been wanting to prove a lot at Jabot, and perhaps he’s finally hit an important target. Regardless, he’ll be pretty pleased with himself. Here’s hoping he celebrates with Lola, and not Summer.

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