Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (August 3, 2020)

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As of this writing, there’s still no official air date around new Young and the Restless (Y&R) episodes, but after a week or two of filming under their belt, it shouldn’t be that much longer. The show has a “shocker” of classic episodes lined up for the coming days, so check out the below Y&R spoilers for the week of August 3, 2020.

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9. Time To Gasp!

Every fan should have a little fun walking down memory lane this week as the soap opera celebrates “Shocking Moments.” While viewers may know exactly what will happen next, it’ll be interesting to see the shows that are picked, as audiences re-watch some of the most unexpected moments in the history of the Y&R.

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8. Through The Years

Enjoy “shocking moments” within Genoa City from the 1980s, 1990s, early 2000s, and the 2010s. The first one is as early as 1986, while Friday’s episode reveals a show that was aired some years back in 2016. The best part of these classic weeks has been digging through Y&R’s history vault and watching our favorites evolve through the years.

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7. Storylines Covered

From a wife submitting nudes of her husband for a contest to Sheila wreaking havoc to Nikki helping Sharon cover up a crime (the first time they did this, not J.T.), a paternity test being revealed, cabins blowing up, and much more, the storylines covered this week offer a diverse array of “shocking” moments.

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6. Characters From The Past

Fans get to see Sheila, Nate, Olivia, Neil, as well as some moms audiences haven’t seen in a while (Paul’s mother Mary and Lauren’s mom Molly) — plus Cameron (well, kind of) as well! Proving that viewers will once again get to see some of their favorite characters of the past. Plus, we move to a time when Lauren and Paul were married!

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5. Lauren And Paul’s Marriage Drama

Picture it, December 4, 1986. A young Lauren and Paul are married, and Williams learns that his beautiful wife has sent nudes of him to a centerfold contest, without asking. The plot thickens when his mom, Mary, confronts him. Talk about a different kind of shocking! No wonder they didn’t last long!

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4. Sheila Locks Lauren in a Farmhouse

Remember that time when Sheila tried to ruin Lauren’s life? There have been too many to count! Head back to May 15, 1992, when Sheila admits to Lauren that a baby switch occurred, and then proceeds to lock her and her mom (Molly) in a farmhouse. As nemesis and hero lock up and battle it out, a lantern knocks over and the entire structure catches on fire! Such an iconic scene to re-watch. In other storylines, Nate learns Olivia is expecting!

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3. Sharon and Nikki Are Up to No Good

Before trying to hide J.T.’s body, Sharon and Nikki were locked up in another mystery back on April 16, 2004. Mother-in-law will go along with daughter-in-law to see if Cameron Kirsten’s body is where they left it, as Larry Warton had told Sharon he left Cam’s lifeless body in the sewer. These women should be experts on doing this the next time around at this rate.

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2. Lily Finds Out Who Her Real Father Is

Some pretty shocking events unravel on an episode that aired originally on March 1, 2005. Lily finds out who her real father is, thanks to some paternity results; however, the plot thickens even more! Phyllis will find out there were two tests taken and ponders what she should do next. She’s always in the thick of things!

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1. Neil Reunites with His Birth Mom

Sad news for Neil on a show that aired originally on September 1, 2016. Winters reunites with his birth mom Lucinda, only to find out she’s sick and in the hospital. Meanwhile, Nick and Chelsea are taken aback when they watch the cabin, which Adam was in, explode. Spoiler alert, he ends up being alive.

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