We Weigh In: Which Supporting Actor Deserves To Win A Daytime Emmy?

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The Daytime Emmys are coming! To prepare viewers for the glamour and prestige of soap opera’s big night, Fame10 is analyzing the competition between nominees in each category.

After assessing the Younger Performer category last week, let’s discuss the category of Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series. As we select the nominee who (we believe) deserves the recognition, we’ll also tally your votes in the poll below! 

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The nominees are: Bryton James as Devon Hamilton on The Young and the Restless (Y&R), Jeff Kober as Cyrus Renault on General Hospital (GH), Aaron D. Spears as Justin Barber on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital (GH) and Jordi Vilasuso as Rey Rosales on The Young and the Restless (Y&R).

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Bryton James as Devon Hamilton (Y&R) 

Year after year, Bryton James is a major presence on Y&R. His ten nominations and two Daytime Emmy wins speak for themselves. But we’re not judging star power here; we’re judging whether James and the other nominees performed exceptionally in the past year. And although James has been reliably excellent in his craft, it’s hard to recall a true, knock-out moment for Devon during this time. 

Perhaps that’s because the actor’s storylines didn’t require a lot of range. For much of 2021, Devon was in true “supporting character” mode as his girlfriend Amanda fought to bring down Sutton Ames, while his friend, Abby, missed her MIA husband.

Devon’s stress levels peaked last summer when Mariah was abducted. Hilariously, Devon was a better detective in that storyline than the actual cop, Rey Rosales. He was the first to suspect Ben “Stitch” Rayburn and the one leading the charge to Mariah’s actual location. 

His other major storyline revolved around Dominic’s custody arrangement, which viewers strongly disliked. Since neither storyline demanded a show-stopping performance from James, it might not be his year to win the trophy.

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Jeff Kober as Cyrus Renault (GH)

Despite his extensive list of prime time television credits, Jeff Kober has only been performing in soap operas for the past two years. And in that brief blip of time, he’s garnered two consecutive Daytime Emmy nominations – plus a win. 

If this doesn’t warrant a long and rewarding future for the conniving Cyrus Renault on GH, we don’t know what will! 

Does Kober’s performance over the past year deserve a second trophy? It’s hard to say. On one hand, the actor delivered precisely the same brand of creepy, crime-boss vibes that won him the trophy in 2021. On the other hand, it’s more of the same. 

Having said that, Kober’s performance when Cyrus was shot and required medical help was memorable. Sweaty and pale, Cyrus remained in control as he confronted Portia in her home and instructed her to remove the bullet. However articulate, Kober gave the criminal a desperate edge. Was he afraid of succumbing to his wound, going to prison, or both?

Recent evidence reveals that Kober is back on the GH set, so fans will get more of Mr. Renault soon enough!

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Aaron D. Spears as Justin Barber (B&B)

Justin Barber underwent a radical transformation last year when he betrayed his best friend and employer, Bill Spencer. Not only did the legal eagle let his client rot in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he took control of Spencer Publications as well. 

As Dollar Bill was stunned by Justin’s actions, B&B viewers were engrossed by Aaron D. Spears’ range. Justin was always a savvy character, but Spears upped the ante for this storyline, hardening the attorney’s persona into a calculating man who wants to be rewarded for his efforts.

Some viewers found Justin’s sudden transformation hard to swallow; that is, until Bill was freed from prison and confronted his former friend. What followed was a bromance break-up of the highest caliber, with Barber trying to justify his deception while weeping for forgiveness. 

Surely, that scene must’ve been what B&B submitted to the Daytime Emmys, and it could very well win Spears the trophy. At the very least, it’s a well-earned first nomination for the actor.

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James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassadine (GH)

For the third year in a row, James Patrick Stuart has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy thanks to his portrayal of Valentin Cassadine. Will the third time be the charm? It’s very possible!

Stuart had no shortage of juicy scenes to chew on over the past year. Not only did Valentin discover that Victor is his father – making him a true Cassadine heir – but he also learned that his child with Brook Lynn wasn’t his (or hers, for that matter). 

Stuart’s a fine actor who absorbed his character’s torturous realizations with finesse. He also managed to show Valentin’s humanity, regardless of whether his character was morally in the right or the wrong. Having nailed his material, Stuart’s chances of winning this year are very high indeed!

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Jordi Vilasuso as Rey Rosales (Y&R)

Y&R viewers couldn’t be happier to see Jordi Vilasuso get nominated for a Daytime Emmy, barely one month after his character was axed from the CBS soap. 

It was a shame to see Rey Rosales leave Genoa City, especially in such a permanent way. Not only was he a beloved character who always fought for justice, he was also the last remaining member of the show’s only Hispanic family. 

Perhaps the worst aspect of Rey’s sudden demise is that his character was just getting interesting! No longer the insecure husband, Rey was beginning to smile again, and fans were excited to see sparks between him and Chelsea develop into romance.

Due to the “very minimal” scripts he received, it seems unlikely that Vilasuso will win this year. In my heart, however, I’m hoping he does – because whichever soap opera lands this actor next will be very fortunate indeed.

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Fame10 Prediction/Pick: James Patrick Stuart as Valentin Cassadine (GH)

Valentin has had a wild year in Port Charles and around the globe. It seems fitting that Stuart will nab the award on his third consecutive nomination!

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Which supporting actor deserves to win a Daytime Emmy?

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