Emmys 2015: 5 Worst Dressed Stars

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The 2015 Emmys marked a big night for television and there were even some history making wins, but before the stars were settled in and winners were announced, they strutted their stuff on the red carpet outside of L.A.’s Microsoft Theater. Unfortunately for the stars attending, the event was not a good night in terms of fashion, with some strange and just downright bad style choices being made. When beautiful stars choose horrible outfits it is truly confusing as they have stylists to ensure they don’t wind up on “worst dressed” lists. There were quite a few to choose from this year but, unfortunately, these fives stars showed up with the worst looks for this year’s Emmys.

5. Claire Danes

Claire Danes is a talented and beautiful actress and she always keeps things interesting on the red carpet, but interesting wasn’t enough to make this dress a good choice. Chains and metallics were a trend for some reason this year; however, the mix did not go well for Danes who wore a purple, shiny Prada gown. While others were loving this dress, there just doesn’t seem to be anything going right with it. The shape does nothing for Danes’ figure and the shiny material with chain straps look extremely out of place on an Emmys red carpet. The best thing about her red carpet look was her hot husband, Hugh Dancy.

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4. Jaimie Alexander

Actress Jaimie Alexander can rock a lot of looks that might not look great on other people, but the same can’t be said for the fashion risk she took with her red carpet gown. Alexander went for a techno/rainbow look with a dark glamour gown by Armani Prive. There was a lot to look at with his dress, and none of it good. The form is awkward and Alexander’s slick backed hair just made the whole look seem off and completely out of the ordinary for the usually stunning star.

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3. Sarah Paulson

American Horror Story nominee Sarah Paulson also went with the shiny, metallic trend and also did not achieve great results. The actress donned an off-the-shoulder Prabal Gurung gown, and while many also liked this look, the problem is the shiny material just looks tacky and cheap. The dark blue and black dress did flatter her form but that was the extent of anything good to say about it. The thick straps around the top and waist look chunky and more than that they also look stiff and uncomfortable.

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2. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts showed up hand in hand with Liev Schrieber for the Emmy Awards and it is a good thing most were too distracted by how cute they are to focus on what she was wearing. The blonde beauty has always been unique with her red carpet styles and while sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t and this one definitely did her no favors. The Australian beauty chose a strapless Dior Haute Couture dress, which ended up looking like a mashup of two different dresses with a blue print in the front and pink the back. The entire thing has absolutely no shape and unfortunately looks like a frumpy sack. Watts can pull off a lot of styles, but this is not one of them.

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1. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is gorgeous, but even her beauty could not save the canary yellow disaster she wore for the 2015 Emmy Awards. What may have started out as a regular sexy Versace dress seemed to get mixed up with a completely different dress and then yet another mis-matched dress. The end result was a very haphazard, confusing, and unappealing look, which has claimed the top spot of worst look at this year’s Emmys. It’s high time the gorgeous model step away from the Versace and have a serious talk with herself or her stylist about the many things she can pull off and definitely rock on other red carpets before a mess like this happens again.

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