We Weigh In: Could Dante And Sam Become General Hospital’s Next Big Super Couple?

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They’re both street smart, stellar investigators, have incredible personalities, and are quite attractive. In fact, Sam McCall and Dante Falconeri also happen to be major fan favorites among General Hospital (GH) viewers, and as luck would have it, both find themselves suddenly single.

GH spoilers tease the two will bond the week of January 11th, spending some time together one-on-one. As the week progresses, Sam will also help Olivia (Dante’s mom) on a “quest for the truth,” which might mean McCall helps her finally figure out the one-night stand between Ned and Alexis.

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Seems as if Sam will be mighty close to the Falconeri family over the coming week, which begs the question: could Sam and Dante be GH’s next big super couple? Team JaSam fans may disagree, but both Sam and Jason could use a break from each other. Their reunion since the “real” Jason (a.k.a. actor Steve Burton) returned in 2017 has lacked luster. Just when GH audiences feel as if they are on the cusp of their “happily ever after,” something lame pops up in their way. The reunion has felt very start-and-stop and choppy from the beginning. With that said, there’s no denying that sometime in the future they’ll probably link up again; however, a little side romance in the meantime for both Jason and Sam might be an interesting development that could keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Meanwhile, Dante has had a very rough go these past few years. He was sent on an intriguing WSB mission, suffering from PTSD, wanting to love Lulu, but not fully being able to, and then losing her when it seemed the two were very close to reconciliation. Dante deserves some romance in his life, and a special someone to help him peel back those layers of hurt, so he can fully heal.

Both Sam and Dante could use a new romantic storyline. On paper, this couple could cause quite the stir. They have a connection when it comes to sleuthing (with Sam being a private investigator and Falconeri being a cop/WSB agent), plus they both have kids, and both are easy on the eyes. GH spoilers simply hinting at some one-on-one time between them, two characters who don’t generally bump into each other often or have scenes together, had GH fans on the Internet buzzing. There’s certainly potential with these two!

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With past loves like Lulu and Drew lingering in the shadows for possible returns, not to mention Jason on the Port Charles scene, these two hooking up now, with potential future drama if a character comes back on the horizon, is also intriguing.

Could Sante (or Dam) be the next big GH super couple? At the end of the day, it’ll depend on the chemistry between them when they are alone, and on the storyline that brings them together.

Should Sam and Dante hook up?

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Dorathy Gass

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