Tyler Christopher Offers To Replace His Replacement On General Hospital

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Nobody has portrayed the role of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital (GH) as much as Tyler Christopher – and now he’s offered to play the character again! 

Although Christopher will always be the original Nikolas, many other actors have tried to claim the role. Coltin Scott took on the role for four years, after Christopher left GH in 1999. Then, Chris Beetem and Nick Stabile stepped in briefly, in 2005 and 2016 respectively. 

Finally, Marcus Coloma arrived to play Nikolas in 2019 and has been steady in the role ever since. Well, until Adam Huss entered the picture two days ago, as a temporary recast. 

And that’s what compelled Christopher to throw his name into the casting hat. 

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In his Instagram story on Tuesday, November 15th, Christopher acknowledged the casting report and had this to add: “I’m available if Marcus Coloma needs a day off… just sayin’.”

Although the celebrated actor probably isn’t expecting GH executive producer Frank Valentini to take him up on the offer, Christopher is likely testing the waters to see if any soap will take a chance on him. 

The star, who recently admitted to flatlining three times as a result of alcohol poisoning, cites his addiction as the reason he lost his job at Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). 

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“Having to walk out the doors under those circumstances? That was like, ‘This is for real, dude,’” Christopher told former co-star Maurice Benard in March 2022. “And I haven’t been back since. That ship has sailed.”

Perhaps his opportunity at DOOL has sailed – since his character at the time, Stefan DiMera, is now played by Brandon Barash – but could Christopher be eyeing a comeback? 

“Even after that, pride still creeps in,” he continued. “It still comes in like, ‘You’re fine, you’re a good actor, people will forgive you, and you’ll move on.’ It doesn’t always work that way.”

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