The Bachelorette’s Peter W. Reportedly Dumped His Girlfriend Once He Was Cast On Season 15



Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette has seen some serious drama with many of her contestants, but the one no one saw it coming from was the sweet Peter Weber.

The pilot from California has been charming and polite the entire season, but now it seems that he, like so many other guys chasing fame on the show, was in a serious relationship but dumped his girlfriend after finding out he had been cast for season 15.

The revelation began when one of the girlfriend’s friends took to Twitter to share a photo of the couple and wrote, “Pete: auditioned for this show while simultaneously dating one of my best friends. And begging her to move in with him!”

Shortly after her tweet, and coining the hashtag “#pilotPetethepeckherhead” the friend shared another Tweet, sharing a piece that Reality Steve wrote about the situation, revealing that Pete’s ex-girlfriend was going to speak out but decided not to after the backlash that musician Hayley Stevens received after coming forward with the news that she was in a serious relationship with Jed Wyatt while he was on the show, or so she thought.

“It’s been floating around the internet (even showed up in some tweets last night) about Peter having someone he was dating pre-show then dumped her once he found out he was cast. I’ve spoken with her. Have been in contact with her for the last 2 months. Did an email interview with her that was set to be posted tomorrow. She texted me last night saying after all the backlash she saw Haley getting for her interview, that she’d rather not have her story out there anymore,” Reality Steve wrote in one of his most recent posts.

Reality Steve went on to confirm that Peter wasn’t in just a “casual” relationship either as he had taken the woman to Switzerland in November but then dumped her only weeks later when he found out he was cast.

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