Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Breaks Her Silence About Bisexual Relationship

Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Hugh Tull

In an exclusive interview with The Real Mr Housewife, Kailyn Lowry addressed whether or not she’s in a relationship with her good friend Becky Hayter.

Lowry’s Fourth of July party sparked people’s attention after they posted affectionate tweets online. Hayter wrote, “She’s gonna steal my heart there’s no doubt about it.” Lowry later retweeted the love quote, and followed it up by writing, “I want you to know, I really adore you” and “I should be your girlfriend.”

The tweets created a social media storm about the possibility that the two were in a same-sex relationship. But according to Lowry, they are only pals.

“Becky and I are just friends. That’s it,” she told Mr Housewife. “We’re not in a romantic relationship at all.”

Lowry went on to say that Hayter has her eyes on someone else at the moment. “In fact, Becky is talking to someone else she’s interested in. Again, Becky is just a friend of mine. There’s nothing more to it.”

Today, Becky Hater cheekily tweeted that she believes people owe her an apology for being quick to assume she was in a relationship with Lowry. “You know what…i feel like there are a bunch of people out there that maybe owe me an apology.. or a cookie.. or their number.”

Lowry’s confirmation may mean she’s still holding out to reconcile with her ex, Javi Marroquin. The couple separated in May 2016 after 4 years of marriage. Since then, there have been reports that the two may not be completely ready to end their relationship. According to a source in RadarOnline, “they are trying to work their issues out and stay together. I think they both need to work on many aspects of their relationship.”

Marroquin is expected to be home soon as he is almost finished his deployment with the US Air Force.


Rachel C