Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Finally Reveals Pregnancy To Barbara

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This season of Teen Mom 2 has featured new babies, new exes and a lot of drama and the Monday, February 6 episode was no different. Pregnancy reveals and co-parenting struggles were the main focus of the episode as each of the four moms tried to navigate new paths in their lives.

After some deliberation of where to go and evidently giving up on the idea of Mexico, Leah Messer finally decided to take her daughters on vacation to California. Unfortunately, Leah found it really hard to relax on the vacation as she stressed over Ali’s health and making her feel independent and not any different than her sisters.

Meanwhile Kailyn Lowry was still reeling from her split and massive fight from Javi and because she wasn’t interested in speaking to him, her other ex, Jo, had to step up. Jo made the effort to reach out to Javi to make sure that Isaac could still see Javi when he wanted and instead of Kailyn and Jo or Kailyn Javi, it was Jo and Javi co-parenting for the benefit of their children. Much of the focus was on the men in Kailyn’s life and she again did not appear in much the episode.

Chelsea Houska was once again having ex issues of her own, courtesy of Aubree’s father Adam Lind. Chelsea was annoyed with Adam for showing up for some things like Aubree’s T-ball game but not attending her first day of school. Of course, Adam still has a vendetta against MTV for supposedly editing things to make him look bad, and we were reminded he is still behind on his child support payments.

Then the episode also tackled Jenelle’s not-so-secret pregnancy as she and David got their pregnancy announcement photos. While the pair were ecstatic about the impending arrival of their daughter, they still hadn’t told Jenelle’s mom Barbara or Jenelle’s two sons, Kaiser and Jace. Finally, Jenelle broke the news to her family but it was already after she had put the announcement on Instagram, and naturally Barbara was very hurt by it.

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