Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Loses Custody Battle For Son Jace



Last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 took a devastating turn for Jenelle Evans who lost the custody battle with her mother over son Jace. Briana DeJesus also learned that her future co-parent and ex-boyfriend Luis will be missing the birth of their child. For more details on the drama-filled episode of Teen Mom 2, follow along below:

After Briana DeJesus’ mess of a baby shower, you’d think she was safe from drama for a little while, but last night proved that was not the case! Her ex-boyfriend and future co-parent Luis informed Briana that he was going to miss the birth of their child in order to go to school to become a truck driver. Briana was shocked, but told him that if this is what he has to do to care for their child then he should pursue it.

Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree had to go to her real father’s house for Father’s Day and she was less than thrilled about the idea. “If he’s just going to sleep and not do anything with you on Father’s Day then you should just come home because I know someone who’d love to something with you on Father’s Day,” Chelsea told her daughter in reference to her current husband Cole DeBoer.

Leah Messer decided to download Bumble and get back in the dating game after her divorce from Jeremy Calvert. She was anxious at first because of her children, but they definitely voiced their support. “Go and get a boyfriend,” her daughter Addie said. Unfortunately the date was uncomfortable and awkward and Leah confirmed she would not be agreeing to a second date.

Kailyn Lowry headed back to court as her ex Jo Rivera decided to serve her papers to fight equal custody of their son. “Seeing Jo was stressful but now I have to focus on my graduation,” Kailyn said. She is finally graduating and has admitted she may need to move to find work in her field, which definitely worried her exes who could potentially be living farther away from their children.

Jenelle Evans lost a custody battle to her mother Barbara Evans who admit that the main reason is that Jace is “scared to death” of Jenelle’s fiance David Eason. “It takes one of the lowest, most selfish pieces of s–t in the world to do what she does. That’s why I hate her so f–king much,” David said of his mother-in-law. Jenelle was quite upset but tried to look on the bright side of having rights to visitation days.

Find out what happens next on Teen Mom 2 which airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m.

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