Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus Slams Ex Javi And Costar Kailyn Lowry In Twitter Rant

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Fans of the hit MTV series Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 know that both thrive off of drama, and things never get messier than when new relationships begin and end.

For the stars of Teen Mom 2 things became extra dramatic when a fifth mom, Briana DeJesus was brought in for season eight, and not only that she began dating Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin. After Javi and Briana confirmed their relationship had come to an end, Javi and Kailyn seemed to make amends and he even stopped by for an episode of her podcast with Lindsie Chrisley, Coffee Convos With Lindsey Chrisley and Kailyn Lowry.

In the podcast episode, Javi and Kailyn discussed, their past, their future, and never getting back together, and in the process, Briana’s name got brought up, and it seems she is not happy. In a series of more than 50 tweets, Briana unloaded on both Kailyn and Javi in a lengthy and extremely rant. She began the rant with, “Since I have some downtime from actually working…let me spill some tea for u guys.”

She began by saying that the situation has to be bad for her to “get out of character,” and added, “dont act like the victim because you were the one who made this issue what it is.” Throughout her rant, it was sometimes hard to tell if she is directing it at Kailyn or Javi, but sometimes it was very clear. “1)Do not ever call my phone at 7am talking about we need to leave social media alone when it comes to our issues but you are the 1st one to use my name to gain listeners. 2) don’t ever text my man about me and think hes ok to bad mouth me cause thats when the line gets crossed.”

Briana also said to Javi, “don’t allow someone to disrespect me and think its all gravy mother of ur child or not,” and, “I am not the common denominator as to why yall fail to co parent so dont ever use my name in that matter again.”

She added with insinuations that they continued to contact her with “saying sorry” but did not want any part of it, and referred to Javi saying two different things. “dont say you dont know what the future holds to someone but in my msgs saying u wanna marry me.” As her rant progressed she also got more personal, tweeting towards Kailyn, “u quick to hop on another mans d**k but still dont wanna let go of the old one u cant have ur cake and eat it too,” and then seemed to reference Kailyn’s ex-boyfriend being abusive. “U AND I WERE NEVER FRIENDS…….SO LETS LEAVE IT THERE…..U ALWAYS HIT ME UP IN REGARDS TO UR ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND. ONCE UR EX WAS IN MY PHONE U SWITCHED UP.. SO ONLY PERSON SALTY IS U.”

In the middle of her rant she mentioned, “I can go on forever but I guess we will see when that Reunion comes up dont walk away like last time.” She also got support from costar Jenelle Evans who tweeted, “I’ll be right behind u. #BestBelieve,” which Briana responded to with, “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Following the extensive and at times vicious rant, both Javi and Kailyn both responded. Javi tweeted, “come on, you’re better than this. I know a different bri so I’ll never turn my back on you like I promised. you don’t do fake sh** but you’re on here…you have my number, we’ve always talked about everything.” In response, a fan wrote, “Y’all just went in on her on the podcast! How did you think she would react!?” which Briana retweeted, again thanking the fan for pointing it out.

As for Kailyn, she simply tweeted, “Is mercury in retrograde or.”

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