Reality Steve Updates Bachelorette Spoilers 2019: New Winner Revealed!

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette has been a roller coaster ride of drama. From contestants speaking out after leaving the show, which isn’t common, to Luke Parker causing a lot of controversy, and of course Jed Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend speaking out there has been a lot to deal with.

As always, Bachelor Nation’s spoiler king Reality Steve has worked diligently to wade through all the rumors and bring the biggest spoilers to fans, and it turns out his original winner spoiler was wrong! Many know that ABC has worked incredibly hard to keep spoilers away from Reality Steve and lead him down the wrong path with wrong information, and this time it worked, but only for a bit.

After reporting early in the season that Hannah Brown’s final two comes down to Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron, and Tyler Cameron is her winner, Reality Steve has changed his information: Jed Wyatt is the winner!

“Some fans are losing their marbles now because they were so convinced it was Tyler. Hell, I did too for a bit. But it’s not. And frankly, there’s nothing I can say to convince you it is Jed, so I’m not gonna try. And I ain’t even mad at ya’ if you don’t believe it. The thing I was referring to when I said “it was something I could only remember doing once before” is I thought I was going to be able to tell you HOW I know she’s with Jed, but realized I couldn’t. Only other time I was able to do that was the Nick video where I had actual proof of it,” he shared.

For those who are skeptical because he first said he was “confident” Tyler was the winner, Reality Steve added, “Every time I’ve had to change my spoiler in the past (Ali, Kaitlyn, Rachel) it’s ended up being right, so, take that for what it’s worth. I wouldn’t change the biggest spoiler of the season unless I had something pretty solid to go off of. I believe I do.”

For now he is sticking by the new report that Hannah chose Jed and they are engaged!

It looks like fans will have to wait until the finale to know for sure which spoiler report was correct!


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