GH’s John J. York Gets Blindsided In An Interview About His Playgirl Cover Shoot 

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John J. York is best known for portraying Mac Scorpio on General Hospital (GH), but some fans still remember his photo shoot in Playgirl magazine.

Maurice Benard is apparently one of those fans, because he blindsided his co-star with questions about the 1994 cover shoot during their recent chat on State Of Mind.

After a lengthy conversation about religion and mental illness, Benard had one final question for his co-star of over 30 years. “How was it when you got the cover of Playgirl?” he asked, without a trace of a smile. 

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York’s face slowly turned the color of his red shirt as he laughed it off. However, the actor seemed at ease as he reflected on the circumstances. “I don’t even know how I got asked to do that!” York exclaimed. 

“John, you’re on the cover though,” Benard doubled-down in amazement. “You beat out all the soap guys. You know why I know that? On the cover, it has all these names of soap people. So you got the cover over those soap people!” 

Despite York’s playful glance on the cover, it turns out that the actor didn’t strip down completely for the shoot.

“No, I was not naked, but I did have that button unbuttoned, you know?” York said of the jeans he was wearing. “It was pulled down just a bit.”

As it turns out, that open button was enough to get him in trouble with his wife. “Vicki got awful mad at that,” York continued, imitating his partner. “She was like, ‘Why did you unbutton your button?’”

Benard has been known to take his State Of Mind interviews to some difficult places. However, it seems that the cover shoot is now just a funny memory for York.

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