Bachelorette Winner Spoilers 2017: Peter vs. Bryan – Who Wins?

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We’re one week closer to finding out who the lucky winner is! Last week on The Bachelorette, Dean Unglert was eliminated which means there are only three men left vying for Rachel Lindsay’s final rose!

As the season finale gets closer and closer and we get to know the remaining men a little better, many viewers have already made up their minds on who they think will win, but who is right? Thanks to Reality Steve we have all of the answers you need, so read on for major spoilers including date details, eliminations and most importantly who (if anyone) Rachel ends up with!

Bachelorette Winner Spoilers 2017: Peter vs. Bryan Who Wins?

Typically when it gets narrowed down to the final three, the contestant and Rachel would head out on overnight dates and then a final rose ceremony, but because Rachel’s sister is pregnant and the family can’t attend the finale rose ceremony to meet the final two guys, the final three will be traveling with Rachel to meet her family in Dallas. They spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in an undisclosed location in Dallas.

Peter got to spend Friday with Rachel and her family, then on Saturday it was Eric, and Sunday it was Bryan. The meet-and-greets didn’t take place at Rachel’s actual family home for security reasons because her father is a Federal judge. While there aren’t any pictures, Reality Steve did manage to find out that the house they used is one currently up for sale in Highland Park, near downtown.

After all the men got a chance to meet Rachel’s family, they headed to Spain for overnight dates and a rose ceremony elimination. Unfortunately, Eric Bigger gets eliminated. This means the final two guys are Peter and Bryan and in the end she chooses…Bryan! Rachel has revealed to the media that she is indeed happily engaged (without mentioning names of course), so we wish them the best!

Do you think Rachel makes the right decision?

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