Bachelorette 2019 Reality Steve Spoiler: Hannah Brown Has Ended Engagement To Winner

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Season 15 of The Bachelorette has seen nothing but endless drama, but luckily spoiler king Reality Steve has been there every step of the way to explain how everything turns out right down to the winner and everything that has unfolded in recent weeks.


For fans of The Bachelorette that have been following Reality Steve’s spoilers since the beginning of Hannah Brown’s season, they now know that while he initially stated Tyler Cameron is her winner, he recently found out he was wrong. In late June, Reality Steve revealed that Hannah’s actual winner is Jed Wyatt, but it seems recent drama surrounding the singer has caused some rifts in the romance.

Many fans were taken by surprise when Jed admitted to Hannah in an early episode that he came on to the show solely as a platform to boost his country music career, but revealed he told her the truth because he really was falling in love with her. Shortly after this, a woman named Hayley Stevens came forward and revealed that she and Jed were in a relationship the entire time he was on the show or so she thought. Hayley revealed that Jed told her he was “only acting” and there just for his music and said he was coming right back home to her, but of course that isn’t what happened.

After Hayley’s story came out, Reality Steve has now reported that Hannah Brown has ended her engagement to Jed, but the pair are still together. On Thursday, June 27, Reality Steve tweeted, “(EXCLUSIVE SPOILER)…I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week. They are still “together,” but the engagement is off. This isn’t a “don’t ever talk to me again” from what I’m being told, but it’s also not all rainbows and daffodils either…”

He continued, “Knowing that for the next month, so many people will be tweeting at Hannah to get rid of Jed, they’re so happy she ended the engagement, go back to Tyler, etc. my guess is this relationship will be over sooner rather than later,” adding, “To end an engagement means Hannah has been bothered enough by what’s come out. I don’t see how Jed gets back in her good graces after this. Nor should he. This is something she will be, and should be, applauded for, & I just don’t see them working thru this.”

Stay tuned as the drama continues ahead of the finale!

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