Best Celebrity-Inspired Summer Hairstyles

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On a scorching summer day, the last thing we want to do is spend time styling our hair only for it to go frizzy a few hours later. Lucky for us, celebs living in the sun-drenched streets of California must endure the same struggle and have showcased some of the best loose, textured hairstyles to rock this summer when we can’t handle the heat. From topknots to bold cropped cuts, celebs have proven that pulling your hair off your face can be surprisingly glamorous when done correctly. Take inspiration from the stars and follow along below for 8 celebrity hairstyles perfect for the warm summer weather:

8. Straight With An Ear Tuck

After years of seeing flowing waves on the red carpet, we’re happy to see a new hair revolution and celebs starting to bring back classic sleek locks. Jennifer Lopez’s mid-length hair that is smooth, straight and tucked behind her hair exudes perfect summer styling. Her locks are layered, light and styled without the hassle of heavy extensions and frizz. This low-maintenance look is effortless to achieve and a simple tactic of tucking hair behind the ear adds an extra dose of elegance to the look.

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7. Shoulder Length Waves

This summer ’17 many celebs stepped out rocking a transition from long flowing waves to freshly cropped choppy tresses. We feel there’s no better time than summer to make this change and Olivia Munn did so flawlessly! We love the way she styled her long bob in tousled waves that are polished but also light and beachy-looking to play off the summer heat.

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6. Tousled

Summer is the ultimate season to rock tousled hair. Messy texture is the epitome of summer styles and is a much preferred option to the spiral curls or glamorous waves we often see celebrities rocking in the cooler seasons. We love Margot Robbie’s perfectly messy layered hair style! The look is effortless and embraces her natural texture, but the bedhead inspired look still appears put together and glamorous.

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5. Messy Braid

One of the most effortless summer hair styles is a simple 3-strand braid hanging down your back like Hailey Baldwin loves to rock! The look is super feminine, fresh-looking and will never go out of style. To achieve the look, Baldwin simply twisted her hair into a braid, pulled at a few pieces to make the braid appear more messy and textured, and allowed loose wisps of hair to frame her face. Viola! Perfect summer hair for any occasion!

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4. Twisted Updo

Another way to get your hair off your shoulders is to twist it into an updo! This look is misconceived as complicated and time-consuming, but it definitely doesn’t have to be! Take it from Lucy Hale — The star simply braided one half of her hair and pinned the remaining into a twisted low chignon. To amp this look up for a formal event, add hair accessories such as flower pins or sparkly clips. With a twisted updo, the messier the better!

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3. Smooth Low Bun

Kristin Bell’s smooth and shiny low chignon is serious summer hair goals! This look is perfect for sweeping your hair up in a non fuss and low maintenance way. A look this sleek may require a bit more time in the morning to tame all the flyaways, but it’s a surefire way to ensure the style stays in place all day. To achieve the twisted bun look, simply twist the hair around the base of a ponytail, or braid and twist for added detail!

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2. Sleek Ponytail

Blake Lively’s super high ponytail is absolutely perfect for a warm summer day. It’s glamorous and super Hollywood looking, but still keeps things light and airy to face the heat. To achieve the look, Lively simply left her hair smooth and straight and pulled it up into a high ponytail near the top of her head. The crown of the ponytail looks teased and voluminous, but still sleek. She also made the look appear more formal by wrapping a strand of hair around the ponytail elastic. Statement earrings like Lively’s are a must when trying to bring this look from day to night!

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1. Topknot

The absolute best way to beat the summer heat is by piling all your hair on the top of your head in a polished topknot. This look allows your sun kissed cheekbones to truly shine while still keeping yourself cool and avoiding the extra weight of hair around your shoulders and face. We love Gal Gadot’s smooth ballerina bun and think this look is ultra feminine and refined-looking while still being practical.

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