9 Celebrity Hairstyles Everyone Should Avoid

Beauty is supposed to be a subjective thing; however, this isn’t always the case. Some hairstyles are so unattractive that everyone hates them – even when they’re on celebrities. You’d think that celebrities would have a distinct advantage over us common folk. They have a team of hairstylists that should know better than to give them less-than-flattering haircuts. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even the biggest of stars have had some of the ugliest of hairstyles – just take a look at these 9 celebrities. While some of them have definitely learned from their mistakes, others have yet to find their way!

9. Kate Gosselin’s Reverse Mullet

Kate Gosselin had one of the most confused pixies in hairstyle history. It was way too long in the front and then really short in the back. We call it the Reverse Mullet and we don’t encourage anyone to try it.

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8. Miley Cyrus’s Pompadour

The punky pompadour that Miley Cyrus rocked at the 2012 MTV VMAs was anything but cute. It was so attention grabbing (and unsightly) that no one noticed what she was wearing.

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7. Avril Lavigne’s Rainbow Undercut

Avril Lavigne’s undercut hairstyle didn’t suit her. Things got even worse when she added all of the pinks and greens to her hair. What was she thinking?!

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6. Christina Aguilera’s Afro

In the early 2000s, Christina Aguilera was constantly trying to differentiate herself from Britney Spears. This resulted in a lot of bad hairstyles, like her multi-colored locks, her snake braids and this platinum blonde afro.

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5. Kylie Jenner’s Cornrows

Kylie Jenner didn’t keep her cornrows around for long, but that didn’t stop them from creating an awful lot of controversy. Out of all of her hairstyles, we think that this one was the least attractive on her.

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4. Rachel McAdams’ Fringe Bangs

Fringe bangs don’t work on many women and they most certainly don’t work on Rachel McAdams. Bulky bangs like these totally change her face and not for the better.

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3. Nicole Richie’s Hair Extensions

When Nicole Richie first appeared on “The Simple Life,” she had some really bad hair extensions. They were long and stringy and did not blend in with her real hair – at all. Thankfully she outgrew that by the reality show’s third season.

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2. Shia LaBeouf’s Braid

Shia LaBeouf’s is always shocking us with his bad behavior; however, in 2015, we were really shocked by his questionable choice in hairstyle. He showed up at the Tribeca Talks Master Class: The Producers with a surprisingly long braid. All we wanted to do was cut it off.

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1. Nicki Minag’s Wigs

Nicki Minaj sports some really ugly wigs. We know she does it for the attention, but someone should really tell her that these accessories aren’t doing her any favours.

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