8 Celebrity Beach Wave Looks For Every Hair Length

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Although days spent at the beach with our toes in the sand are some of the most memorable, the wind swept, beachy hair that comes along with it can be just as much a reward. Since we can’t all be Hollywood stars living in the sea salt infused air of California, we must simply look to these icons for inspiration in how to achieve that perfect textured hair ourselves. Fame10 has rounded up a list of the top hair icons in Hollywood — from Blake Lively to Beyonce — to provide all the inspiration you’ll need to re-create effortless beachy hair, regardless of the length your hair currently is. By the end of summer, you’ll have achieved perfect summer texture without even setting foot in the sand thanks to the best celebrity hair in Hollywood. Follow below for beach wave inspiration suitable for every length of hair:

8. Lucy Hale

Although it may initially seem like beach waves would be difficult to achieve in chin-length hair, Lucy Hale, among other short hair beauties, has proven that it is absolutely possible! This Pretty Little Liars star recently rocked a fresh cropped hair style that had us wondering how she would transition her styling methods from the long, luxurious waves we’re used to seeing her in. Hale pulled it off flawlessly by parting her hair in the middle and donning a crimped, beach wave texture. Rather than flowing ringlets or curls, the star opted for a more relaxed looking style that we love on her.

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7. Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of the few faux redheads that pulls off the colour so flawlessly that we’re shocked to hear it’s not actually her natural colour! This star achieved the beach wave look by adding a side-part and a sweeping bang that curls away from her face. Because the curls fall away from her face, Stone really does look like she just stepped off the beach and the wind naturally swept her hair just so.

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6. Lauren Conrad

Who knows hair better than Lauren Conrad, or John Frieda for that matter? The Hills star attended the John Frieda beach blonde hair event donning her own new cropped hairstyle and achieved the beach wave look flawlessly. Her style is super effortless looking and even has the natural tufts of textured waves poking out that would typically appear on a day at the beach. The biggest factor we love about Conrad’s look, however, is the sun kissed transition of colour! The chocolate to blonde fade of her hair really mimics the natural highlights that the sun would produce during the summer and adds an extra hint of authenticity to Conrad’s California-inspired hair.

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5. Kate Hudson

Medium length hair provides much more freedom for creating tousled waves without having to worry about unwanted frizz. Kate Hudson does so flawlessly by rocking quite tight tousled curls that begin nearly at her roots. The star has naturally curly hair and we love that she embraced her look rather than straightening out her natural texture like many Hollywood stars are notorious for. She simply added texture spray to reduce frizz and worked with what she already had, which we applaud her for!

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4. Mary Kate Olsen

Despite all the controversy surrounding this child star diva throughout the years, the one accomplishment we consistently praise Mary-Kate Olsen on are her signature waves. She recently attended the CFDA awards rocking her classic beachy hair and Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend dished all the details of how he achieved this look to PEOPLE. Townsend explained he defined her waves with a double barrel iron and that he varied the size and tightness of the waves. He added that he wrapped her hair in a figure-eight pattern around the barrel to make the look as natural as possible. The Olsen twin simply tucked the face framing pieces of her hair behind her ear and viola — effortless looking natural texture!

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3. Blake Lively

Blake Lively has become an icon for the effortless, piecey appearance of her hair, even when she appeared on screen as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl! The consistently beachy style undoubtedly landed her a spot on our summer hair inspiration list for not only her perfectly tousled style, but the face framing highlights and balayage effect threaded throughout. The star has admitted that her hair routine is surprisingly low-maintenance and revealed the natural remedy secret she uses to style.com, “My hair is always better in California than it is in New York, so I got a big water jug and I filled it with ocean, which is probably a really bad idea, but I would put it on my hair, and, actually, it worked.”

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2. Beyonce

Beyonce’s hair is constantly evolving and so much so that it is difficult to keep track of each new groundbreaking style she’s rocking. We definitely love her in summer beach waves though, and the effortless appearance of her hair is actually quite easy to mimic. The star’s wavy texture could actually be achieved by a childhood favorite hair styling method – sleeping with damp, loose braids overnight! You’ll wake up to perfectly unperfect beach waves and be rocking this summer-inspired ‘do just like Beyonce!

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1. Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton dished all the secrets to achieve luxurious, beach blonde locks on her lifestyle blog after receiving many questions from fans about how she styles her hair. In her post “Hair Questions: Answered,” the Bachelor contestant revealed her best styling tip to achieving natural looking waves is to leave 2-3 inches of hair out of the wand when curling, which she claims this creates a more relaxed look. Stanton added more styling tips, advising people “to not run your fingers through your hair until you’re 100% done curling your hair. Leave your hair in chunks until you’re ready to loosen them out. That way, the heat will have time to sit it your hair, making the wave last longer.”

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