10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

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A factor that the Hollywood stars have always been admired for is how they seem to stay looking eternally young. Of course, much of this is due to the cosmetic surgery procedures that seem to have become a mainstream practice in Hollywood now, but one thing we’ve noted is that hair styles can cause a dramatic difference in how old a star looks. It’s easy to get in a rut when we become accustomed to styling our hair a certain way, but as the stars tend to do, there’s no harm in trying something new every once in a while! Faded, boring hair styles is the first way to age yourself without even realizing. Read below for all our favourite celeb hairstyles that are simple to re-create and take up to 10 years off your age:

10. Julia Roberts- Soft Updo

A soft chignon updo is such a classic style for women of any age; however, Julia Roberts made this style look super youthful by allowing shorter layers to hang loose and flatter the shape of her face. This Pretty Woman star looks as great as during her first film debut with a sparkling smile to match!

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9. Anne Hathaway- Choppy Bob

Anne Hathaway’s choppy bob is easy to achieve and is super trendy and contemporary looking. The length of the bob hits right at her chin which extenuates her jawline and cheekbones. The side swept part softens the look and adds a romantic vibe to the choppy style.

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8. Halle Berry- High Ponytail

Although a high ponytail may seem like a risky hair move in your later years, Halle Berry looks absolutely stunning in this style and we would never guess she was 50 years old. Berry re-created the look and catered it for her age by allowing strands of hair to frame her face rather than trying to mimic a slicked back ponytail from childhood. The strand of hair wrapped around the elastic band adds a nice detail of sophistication as well!

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7. Cameron Diaz- Soft Bangs

An effortless and small step that can be taken towards looking younger is adding a flattering bang! It’s totally understandable if completely changing your hair seems intimidating, instead, try adding a soft bang to frame your face and take years off. We love this soft, cascading bang look on Cameron Diaz’s blonde tresses.

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6. Demi Moore- Half Up Style

Demi Moore looks like she hasn’t aged a bit in this classic half-up hair style. This style is timeless whether you’re 20 or 60, but Moore keeps it looking fresh by incorporating soft waves and staying on trend by parting her hair in the middle. Adding a pair of elegant drop-style earrings could definitely add some glamour for a fresh take on this look as well.

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5. Jennifer Aniston- Blended Layers

We’ve always been in awe of how youthful and glowing Jennifer Aniston looks. Almost hitting the milestone of 50 years, Aniston’s classic style of soft layers keeps her looking current and on trend. Adding blended layers into shoulder length hair creates a whimsical, softer look in contrast to a blunt cut with no body to it.

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4. Nicole Kidman- Sideswept

Nicole Kidman is known for keeping up to date with evolving trends and never fails to adjust her hair styles to match. This long sweeping hairstyle looks absolutely stunning on Kidman and is super elegant but also fresh looking. To achieve this look, pin back half of your hair behind your ear and let the rest flow into loose waves.

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3. Jennifer Lopez- Balayage Highlights

Within the last year the balayage highlighting technique has exploded and we love this look on stars of all ages! Jennifer Lopez cultivates the balayage look perfectly with her hair that slowly fades from a chocolate brown colour into ash blonde. The subtle highlighting creates a natural sun-kissed glow that looks like Lopez just stepped off the beach.

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2. Sarah Jessica Parker- Face Framing Highlights

Sarah Jessica Parker made hitting yearly milestones something we look forward to rather than dread in her role as Carrie Bradshaw. She never let herself go with age and we love how vibrant she was in every single episode. How does she do it?! Sarah Jessica Parker’s face framing highlights are super effective at keeping her looking young! The highlights add lightness to her face and brighten her complexion effortlessly.

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1. Connie Britton- Loose Waves

Connie Britton is a queen at staying youthful and light looking. Her mother roles on Friday Night Lights and Nashville have us constantly aspiring to look as great as her in our 50s. Her secret to looking young? Soft, loose waves! This style has become iconic over the last decade and Connie pulls it off flawlessly. The softness takes years off her face and keeps her style modern and ageless.

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