11 Truly Hottest Brunettes in Hollywood

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There’s no shortage of sultry women in Hollywood but some brunette beauties stand out from all the rest. We’re counting down the 11 hottest brunettes on the Hollywood scene right now. Can you guess which strikingly sexy actress topped our list?

11. Megan Fox

Hottest Brunettes - Megan Fox
carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com

Gorgeous Megan Fox was born in Rockwood, Tennessee and steals any scene she’s in with her impossibly sexy body and face. The 27-year-old started out with some small parts on TV shows and hit it big by playing Shia LeBeouf’s girlfriend in “Transformers.” She’s known for speaking her mind and staying out of the Hollywood party scene.


10. Minka Kelly

Hottest Brunettes - Minka Kelly
s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

The hit television show “Friday Night Lights” made this lovely brunette famous. She’s 33, and has had recurring roles in the TV shows “Parenthood” and “Charlie’s Angels,” along with starring roles in movies like “The Roommate” and “Just Go With It.” She has a smoldering classic beauty that comes across in both feature films and television.