15 Hot Celebrity Men With Bad Hair

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All men are guilty of a bad hair day, and sometimes a bad hair decade (especially while undergoing puberty).  However, there are really no excuses for these hottie celebrities who have a whole team of stylists to prevent them from making these hairstyle faux-pas.  Here are a few simple rules to follow to avoid these hair disasters: ditch the man bun (you’re not a yoga instructor), keep the facial hair to a minimum (if we can’t see your face, we forget how hot you are), and for the love of Hollywood don’t experiment with facial hair designs…it’s creepy and desperate.

15. Brad Pitt

He may be an award winning actor, who has always been considered one of the hottest men in Hollywood, but there have been times where his hairstyles have been more than questionable. He once looked like a man who had lived in the woods by himself for years, a truly terrifying look.

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14. Daniel Radcliffe

While playing Igor in the yet to be released Victor Frankenstein, starring James McAvoy, the former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was seen sporting long locks for the role. Hopefully he cuts them off after filming wraps up, because this is not a good look for him. A buzz cut would be an improvement.

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13. Jake Gyllenhaal

Best known for Donnie Darko (2001) and Nightcrawler (2014), this hot celebrity has been seen sporting an incredibly icky man bun with an overgrown bushy beard. He’s definitely got the hipster grudge look down…maybe he just got bored with looking smoking hot all the time.

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12. Mel Gibson

If the devil and Colonel Sanders had a baby, it would look like Mel Gibson’s amazingly hideous facial hair. It’s not even Halloween Mel, so unless you’re doing a remake of Little Nicky, get thee to a barber quick.

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11. George Clooney

It is a well-known fact that George Clooney is no spring chicken, but what gal doesn’t like an experienced man? However, the overwhelming grey in his beard and hair puts him firmly in the grandpa category.

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10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest neck fur creation is vomit-licious and with the added man-bun, it’s just a disaster. Yes, he’s smoking, but not striking enough to be considered hot with that nasty scruff. Plus, Leo’s hair is blonde naturally, did he die his beard and hair black to match?

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9. Tom Brady

He may be the star quarterback for the New England Patriots and hot as f#@%, but this man needs to fire his barber. Even helmet head is better than the styles this gorgeous man has been sporting. This California native is all fumbles when it comes to fashioning those locks.

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8. Joaquin Phoenix

Someone is clearly incognito. The stunning star who made Johnny Cash look sexy in Walk the Line (no easy feat) is trying to impersonate Zach Galifianakis. Unless he is playing Zach in the film Hangover: Behind the Scenes, there are no excuses for this hair faux-pas.

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7. Penn Badgley

Who is this loser with the furry mess taking over his face and the unfortunate curly muffin top? Could it possibly be the cutie pie from Gossip Girl and John Tucker Must Die? Sorry Penn, you’re not hot enough to get away with that lame hair.

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6. Jared Leto

Musician turned actor Jared Leto is convinced that the rules of hair maintenance and style don’t apply to him. Whether it’s wearing a man bun, or wavy locks styled à la Sarah Jessica Parker, this man looks more like Jesus than the hottie from 30 Seconds to Mars. The absolute worst was the bleached blonde hair that looks like it was cut with a pair of rusty scissors.

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5. Johnny Depp

While experimenting with long tresses, Johhny Depp looks more like a Rasta dog than an award winning actor who has killer style. Honestly, the do he had from Edward Scissorhands had more flair.

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4. Ed Sheeran

Oh Ed Sheeran. Yes, some guys can pull off the messy-curly-just-got-out-of-bed-but-have-actually-been-working-on-my-hair-for-hours-look, but he just resembles the newest Pokémon character.

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3. Avan Jogia

Currently this Canadian actor is playing Egyptian King Tut in the mini-series Tut. He is playing a historical character, which may explain his outdated hairstyle. What is with the musketeer-like facial hair and man bun?

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2. Josh Duhamel

The sexy hunk from Transformers is single handedly trying to update the punk rock Mohawk of the ‘80s. Someone needs to tell him that some hairstyles should never have happened, and never be resurrected. The age of fugly hair must come to an end.

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1. Bradley Cooper

It appears that Bradley Cooper accidentally switched wigs with MacGyver. This blondie curly haired thing is just not you Brad.

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