12 Celebrities Who Look Best With Short Hair

Celebrities tend to change their hairstyles pretty often. It seems like some stars change their hair every week. With a million options available to them from highly talented stylists, it’s no wonder celebs like to mix things up. Many stars love to do dramatic things with their hair, and one of the most drastic changes a person can do to their hair is to chop most of it off. The people on this list look pretty gorgeous with any kind of hair, but they look particularly spectacular when they switched things up and sported some stylish short hairstyles.

 12. Miley Cyrus

It was a bit shocking when Miley chopped off her long locks, but surprisingly, it really suits her. Miley loves to try new things, and it seems that she will continue to find a wide variety of short hairstyles and colors to experiment with.

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 11. Jared Leto

There must be plenty of people who loved Leto’s long locks, but when he went for short hair again recently, it completely transformed him and made him look much more attractive.

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10. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has sported a variety of hair lengths, but when she showed up at the 2013 Academy Awards with a very short pixie cut, all eyes were on her. That was when it became apparent that she can definitely pull off short hairstyles spectacularly.

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 9. Samira Wiley

Not many people can pull off hair as short as this actor from Orange is the New Black. Samira rocks her buzz cut, and it’s hard to picture her with any other hairstyle.

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8. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is not hard on the eyes with long hair, but it seems that short (brown) hair suits Posh Spice best.

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 7. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose’s attractiveness is something that a lot of people (regardless of their gender) can agree on. Ruby can rock a long-haired super feminine look or a short-haired more masculine look, as evidenced by her short film, Break Free, where she chops off her long blond hair and changes it into a short, brown alternative style. She also strips off her dress, fake eyelashes, and makeup, shows her tattoos, and transforms herself with a more masculine look. Although she looks great with any hairstyle, she usually opts for the short hair and more androgynous look, which suit her perfectly.

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 6. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth looks good no matter what his hair looks like. Fans love him as Thor with his flowing blond locks, but he looks even better when he sports short hair.

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 5. Pink

Pop rocker Pink doesn’t have to have pink hair to look good, but it seems like she wouldn’t be Pink without her short hair. The fauxhawk look was meant for her.

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 4. Rihanna

Rihanna can’t look bad. She just can’t. Long or short hair, she rocks it and looks stunning. That said, she pulls off a variety of short hairstyles so well that she has to be put on this list. Her long hair is beautiful, but if someone can look that stunning with short hair, they should take advantage of it every so often.

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 3. Shailene Woodley

Shailene’s long locks were beautiful, but when she chopped them off last year, she looked elegant, mature, and even more beautiful.

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2. Natalie Portman

Few people can pull off a pixie cut like Natalie Portman. She’s had a lot of different hairstyles, especially in movies (Queen Amidala’s elaborate hair and headpieces come to mind), but a simple pixie cut looks better on her than anything else.

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 1. Halle Berry

Does anyone rock short hair like Halle Berry? She looks stunning with long hair as well, but her variety of short hairdos suit her best. She also seems to somehow get more beautiful every year. Clearly, she has some beauty secrets she needs to share with the world.

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