Do These 7 Celebrities Look Better Blonde Or Brunette?

In Hollywood, many female celebrities are all about dying their hair. We don’t know what it is but they can’t seem to commit to a single hair color for longer than a year. They shuffle between light and dark tresses, occasionally experimenting with other more exotic hair colors. Some of these celebrities are really committed to just one color – blonde. We don’t know what it is about that color, but it doesn’t suit everyone. We have selected 7 celebrities who have been both blonde and brunette. We want to know who on this list is better suited to light or dark tresses, so vote to let us know what you prefer!

7. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence – who is a natural blonde – had to dye her hair dark to play Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games;” however, she wouldn’t let the stylists experiment on her hair to find the perfect shade of mahogany. They ended up renting five $6,000 lace wigs in various shades of brown to help them determine the right color. Once they found the right shade, they dyed Lawrence’s hair that color. Unfortunately, after the two first installments of the series, her hair was totally fried and she needed to cut it all off.

While JLaw may prefer her golden locks, we think she looks way hotter with dark brown hair. It warms her skin and for some odd reason it just looks more natural on her. What do you think? Does lighter hair really suit her or is she just one of those people who should have been born with dark hair?

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6. Rachel McAdams

We imagine that Rachel McAdams gets pretty bored with her hair. Every time that we see her, she seems to have a new hairstyle or a new hair color. When it comes to her hair, we think that she has tried everything. She’s had some rainbow coloring in her blond locks, the ombre, red hair, brown hair and, of course, blonde hair. She’s obviously a natural brunette; however, she can’t seem to commit to any hair color for too long. The same goes for all of her romantic relationships.

Here at Fame10, we really adore “The Notebook” star. We think she looks stunning no matter what she does with her hair. That being said, we do prefer dark hair on her; however, blonde is definitely a close second. What do you prefer? Do you think dark brown suits her or do you like her best as a blonde? Vote to let us know what you prefer!

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5. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is a natural blonde. Like many other actresses, she had to darken her hair for a movie, “Z for Zachariah.” When it comes to light versus dark hair, she is on the fence. Dark hair is her comfort zone because she used to dye it brown in high school. When she started auditioning for roles in Hollywood though, she was told to go blonde. According to “The Wolf of Wall Street” actress, blonde hair is more “eye-catching.” “I don’t know if it looks nicer, but it’s kind of highlighted on the screen nicely and in photo shoots and things like that,” she told InStyle magazine.

We prefer Robbie with blonde hair. It works really well with her skin tone. She doesn’t look bad with really dark hair, but we don’t think she looks as hot as she does with blonde. What do you prefer on the up on and coming actress – dark or light colored hair?

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4. Amber Heard

Amber Heard is a natural brunette. Like many other young starlets, she has played with different hair colors throughout the years. One that she seems to keep going back to is blonde and we can see why – it totally suits her. We don’t personally like how she looks with platinum blonde hair. Not many people can pull that off. However, when she goes for a more golden hue, we think that she looks her best.

While we, like many other people, think that Heard is absolutely gorgeous, we have yet to be convinced that she’s one of the more capable of the young actresses. All of the roles that she has taken on are totally forgettable. The only things that she seems to have going for her is that she gives great interviews, is dating one of Hollywood’s biggest male stars (Johnny Depp) and she’s incredibly easy on the eyes. Since we can’t talk about any of her films, help us decide if she looks better with blonde or brown hair!

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3. Olivia Wilde

When Olivia Wilde was first getting started in Hollywood, she had blonde hair. She ended up dying it dark brown for a role and the course of her career changed as a result. “I spent the first couple years of my career as a very blonde blonde,” she told Into The Gloss. “And then I went brunette for a role, and suddenly all my offers changed – the types of roles people approached me with totally changed. When I was really blonde, it was always like, ‘The really pretty girl,’ or ‘The sexy hot chick.’”

We remember when Wilde was a blonde – she looked really different. While it might be her natural hair color, we think that brown hair just suits her. It really draws attention to her striking facial features. When it comes to the former “House” actress’ hair what do you prefer – blonde or brown? Vote to let us what you think!

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2. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has literally had every color of hair in the book. She’s gotten so bored with the various shades of blonde and brown hair that she is now experimenting with pastel colors. In the past eight months, she’s had blue, lilac and pink colored hair. While she seems to like the more experimental hair colors because of the attention they get at her daughter’s school – the students think she’s a character from the movie “Frozen” – we think the former “Simple Life” star looks best with dark brown hair. With the right hue of blonde, she still looks good; however, dark brown just looks more natural on her.

We know not everyone will agree with our opinions, so we figured we’d have a vote to determine what color of hair suits Richie best. What hair color do you prefer on the reality TV star – a shade of blonde or dark brown?

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1. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz seems to always go back to blonde and we don’t think that it really suits her. We would never have known this if she hadn’t dyed it dark brown several years ago – back when she still dating Justin Timberlake. They actually broke up shortly after the dye job. Some people went so far as to say that he dumped her cause he hated her new hairstyle. Diaz, however, has said that she really liked the color. “It’s just how I see myself. Everybody sees themselves in a certain way. Well, I see myself as a brunette. My friends all say it suits me. It looks more like me – more natural,” she told People magazine.

Even though she claimed to really like it, it didn’t take her long to go back to what she is comfortable with – blonde. We know that we love dark brown on her, but what do you like?

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