Young And The Restless: Jack Abbott’s 9 Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

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7. Kelly Andrews

Not sure what it is with Jack and women who are mentally unstable, but he sure knows how to attract them! Kelly Andrews popped into Genoa City in 2013 and first had an affair with Jack’s younger brother Billy. Kelly and Jack eventually fell in love and were on track with a nice little love story until his former flame, Phyllis, woke up from a coma that is. It was all downhill from there with Andrews becoming a tad nutty along the way until her demise in 2015.

Sean Smith/JPI Studios


6. Jill Abbot

For one reason or another, Jack was quite smitten with Jill and the two engaged in an affair while she was still (somewhat) together with Jack’s father, John. It was quite the love triangle back in the 1980s! Jill was more interested in John, and while Jack and Jill did have an affair together (again, later on in the years) while Jill was with John, their relationship has turned into more of a friendship as time wore on.