Young And The Restless: Jack Abbott’s 9 Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

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Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Jack Abbott may be best known for his rivalry with Victor Newman, but the man had many great love affairs during his tenure in Genoa City. The character was introduced in 1980 and over the years he’s had some interesting flings and marriages with some of the top leading ladies on the Y&R. Below are nine of Jack Abbott’s love interests ranked from worst to best.

9. Patty Williams

Poor Patty. She clearly loved Jack far more than he ever loved her. The two hooked up in the early ‘80s and the real reason Jack even gave Patty a second glance was to impress his father and show him that he was a man. Sadly, Jack engaged in an affair with Diane Jenkins while with Patty and, despite the fact that he and Williams did get married, the relationship did not last long. Unfortunately, Patty has suffered with mental issues her entire adult life, and she’s proven to be a thorn in Jack’s side over the years due to her obsession with him.


8. Diane Jenkins

Speaking of Diane, she hits the bottom of the list because all these two really had was a whole lot of chemistry, but very little love. Sure, they engaged in a steamy affair together, one that resulted in a child, but Diane really only wanted to use Jack thanks to his connections at Jabot and his family status. The two would continue their affair, on and off during the years, but they never really had that spark to turn their romance into soap super couple status.


7. Kelly Andrews

Not sure what it is with Jack and women who are mentally unstable, but he sure knows how to attract them! Kelly Andrews popped into Genoa City in 2013 and first had an affair with Jack’s younger brother Billy. Kelly and Jack eventually fell in love and were on track with a nice little love story until his former flame, Phyllis, woke up from a coma that is. It was all downhill from there with Andrews becoming a tad nutty along the way until her demise in 2015.

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6. Jill Abbot

For one reason or another, Jack was quite smitten with Jill and the two engaged in an affair while she was still (somewhat) together with Jack’s father, John. It was quite the love triangle back in the 1980s! Jill was more interested in John, and while Jack and Jill did have an affair together (again, later on in the years) while Jill was with John, their relationship has turned into more of a friendship as time wore on.


5. Sharon Newman

So, Sharon ended up being a little mentally unstable, but not during her time with Jack. When Jack’s wife Phyllis tore their marriage apart by having an affair with Sharon’s husband Nick, the two naturally gravitated towards each other. They did get married in 2007 and were together for two years before they parted ways. Jack really loved Sharon, but sadly, Sharon wasn’t as into Jack as he was with her. The good news is Jack is a pretty decent ex and the two remained friends even after the split.


4. Nikki Newman

These two go way back and actually made a pretty cute couple. The only problem was Victor Newman. Jack and Nikki have been married a few times and had some decent chemistry in their relationships. Nikki can be smitten with Jack when Victor annoyed her. The only problem is when given a choice between Victor and Jack, Nikki always seems to run back to Victor. The silver lining is that, despite Jack and Victor’s rivalry, Jack and Nikki remain friends to this day.


3. Dr. Emily Peterson

This was one of Jack’s better and healthier relationships. Only one small issue: Emily looked exactly like Jack’s crazy ex, Patty. Her look was something he was able to get over. After all, Patty and Emily were both stunning women. Unlike Patty though, Emily was funny, smart, strong, and independent. The underlying issue was that crazy Patty was able to switch identities with Emily at one point, which left Emily in a mental institution and Patty free as a bird to impersonate her and engage in a fake love affair with Jack. Jack even married Patty (impersonating Emily) and after the entire switcheroo debacle was exposed, Emily felt hurt that Jack didn’t realize that he was with Patty and not her. Needless to say, the relationship fizzled.


2. Phyllis Summers

Jack and his Red have had a pretty incredible on-and-off romance over the years. Great chemistry, solid communication (at times), and they were both just on the same level and wave length. Sadly, Phyllis’ wandering eye and affairs have always been the downfall of these two. First, it was Nick Newman in the early 2000s and, more recently, it was Jack’s younger brother Billy. When these two are together, they scream super couple and just make an incredible combination.

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1. Luan Nguyen Abbott

Jack met Luan while he was in Vietnam serving for the U.S. military. The two fell in love, but were separated when he returned to America and couldn’t find her afterwards because he did not know her real name. Unbeknownst to Jack, Luan was pregnant and gave birth to their son, Keemo. Thankfully, Jack and Luan were reunited in the mid-’90s and even got married. The two lovebirds turned into a close family of four with son Keemo and Luan’s daughter Mai from another marriage. Sadly, Luan would die in 1996, due to a terminal condition and thus end one of the best love affairs Jack Abbott would experience in his lifetime.

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